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Bugfixes and readability improvements for socetframesettings

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Update to socetframesettings from O-Rex Team member.

New items
A new branch (20171116/cleanup) that renames variables to correctly describe what the variable is for
* This is now in pull request 2 (PR2) i.e.
* It proposes a merge into the earlier branch (20171116/add-orx)
* This branch has many changes that, IMNSHO, make the program easier to understand
* Note that we should review pull request (PR1) first, as the changes are far less extensive and more easily understood
* The tests below confirm that PR2 does functionally the same thing as PR1

Some test data and scripts to test the changes.
* There is a ZIP file of compressed Clementine UVVIS, Messenger NAC and WAC, and ORX Map and Poly CUBs
* They have been modified for use with socetframesetting only, to product test .set files

  • socetframesettings only uses the labels and table
  • The image data have been set to nulls so they compress well
  • I wrote a script to build the socetframesettings ISIS app on my laptop; YMMV.
  • I wrote a script to run tests and generate .set files.
  • There is a master script that generates .set files from each of the branches and compares them.
  • The three branches are
  • 20171116/original - the current code from
  • This code produces ORX .set files usable with .raw files containing images flipped on a diagonal from the ISIS CUBs
  • 20171116/add-orx - the minimal changes to fix the original code, but still requires a vertical flip from the ISIS CUBs
  • 20171116/cleanup - fixes several incorrect variable names

The results are
* The add-orx branch fixes the ORX kappa values (adds 270deg).
* The add-orx branch does not change results from the other missions's CUBs.
* The cleanup branch does not break anything in add-orx.

Note: For O-Rex when using the new socetframesettings ISIS app to generate .set files, don't forget to use ISIS flip (not mirror) before writing the corresponding raw files for SOCET SET


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