Bug #5350

qview ingests .lbl files as cubelists, causing them not to be ingested.

Added by Adam Goins about 1 year ago. Updated 5 months ago.

Christopher Combs
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qview currently treats any file that does not have a .cub or .cube extension as a cubelist and attempts to ingest it as such.
This makes .lbl uningestable because it will read it as a cubelist and throw errors immediately.

The code for this is located in Workspace.cpp

Workspace::addCubeViewport(QString cubename).

qview should ingest a filename and attempt to open it as a cube, if it can't then it should attempt to ingest it as a cubelist, and if that fails then an error should be thrown.


#1 Updated by Tammy Becker about 1 year ago

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#2 Updated by Makayla Shepherd about 1 year ago

What are you trying to accomplish when trying to open a .lbl in qview? Do you want it to open the corresponding cube?

#3 Updated by Adam Goins about 1 year ago

Yes. when ingesting the .lbl file it should open the corresponding cube. This behavior was present prior to ISIS 3.5.2 release. This change was caused by the fix for ticket #5099 where we added the ability to ingest cube lists directly into qview.

#4 Updated by Christopher Combs 12 months ago

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It seems that the old way of handling running qview on labels is in Cube.cpp: in the open() method we check for a "^Core" keyword and open the file associated with it.

We can return to this by adding ".lbl" to the list of checks before assuming a cube list (in Workspace.cpp), but it will not cover all types of labels, such as the labels created using catlab.

This is available for viewing/testing at /work/projects/isis/latest/m05350,
two test files are available there (f319b18.lbl created from catlab, and W1591159850_1_cal.lev2.detached.ccw180.lbl which has "^Core").

#5 Updated by Christopher Combs 12 months ago

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#6 Updated by Christopher Combs 12 months ago

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Blocked: Do we want to return to the previous functionality of only supporting lbls that have "^Core" Keywords, or do we want to update cube to handle all types of lbl files? (Not all lbl's have keywords that point to their cube)

#7 Updated by Makayla Shepherd 12 months ago

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We should just return to the old functionality.

If we want to support all label files a different Feature ticket can be added.

#8 Updated by Christopher Combs 12 months ago

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#9 Updated by Adam Goins 11 months ago

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Looks good!

#10 Updated by Stuart Sides 5 months ago

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