Bug #642

Make sure shadowtau gives same results as ISIS2 version and commit to isis3beta and isis3production

Added by Janet Barrett over 7 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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The ISIS3 version of shadowtau needs to be compared with the ISIS2 version to make sure that the same results are being output. Some ISIS build tests need to be created and the software needs to be committed to the isis3beta and isis3production systems. This needs to be done so that the software is available to everyone and I can start updating its documentation.

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#1 Updated by Janet Barrett over 7 years ago

I am going to check the changes to the following classes in to isis3beta tonight:
Anisotropic1, Anisotropic2, AtmosModel, HapkeAtm1, HapkeAtm2, Isotropic1, Isotropic2

These classes needed code added to estimate the shadow brightness value which is needed for estimating the optical depth "tau".

I want to check these classes in before the shadowtau program to head off any unforeseen problems and also because some of the systems are building extremely slowly which makes testing extremely annoying. This will make the shadowtau application test a lot faster on the slower systems, because I won't have to build the entire system before testing.

#2 Updated by Janet Barrett over 7 years ago

All changes were submitted to the isis3beta version. The build was clean last night so I will merge the changes into isis3production today.

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