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cam2map with LROC WAC

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Original Post Date: 20June2012
Dear ISIS support,

in order to produce an ortho image of an LROC WAC image I use the following processing steps:
- lrowac2isis to import the image
- spiceinit on even image
- spiceinit on odd image
- lrowaccal on even image
- lrowaccal on odd image
- cam2map on even image
- cam2map on odd image
- mapmos to combine the even and odd images

Using the default shape model (ldem_128ppd_Mar2011_clon180_radius_pad.cub) this works fine. Now I want to use a different shape model (WAC_GLD100_E300N045-0_100M in this case) but cam2map fails. Using an LROC NAC image covering the same area works without any problems.

Can you have a look at this issue? Are there smarter ways to process LROC WAC images?

Best regards

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Zack Moratto
Anubis (Very Active Member)

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 Re: cam2map with LROC WAC 

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The file WAC_GLD100_E300N045-0_100M is just a tile of the the full Moon DEM. Have you verified that the WAC image you are projecting actually intersects with that tile?

Also, because of the previously mentioned issue, you should provide the WAC image ID so someone can double check your work. There are probably a bunch of nasty edge cases. Like what should a person do when their image straddles a DEM tile boundary? I believe the ISIS solution is to mosaic the DEM tiles into a colossal file.

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Osiris (Active Member)

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Re: cam2map with LROC WAC 

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You are right, I should have mentioned that. Here are the infos:

WAC_GLD100_E300N045-0_100M (used shape model)
MinLat 0.0
MaxLat 60.0
MinLon 0.0
MaxLon 90.0

M117433487ME (LROC WAC which fails)
MinLat 3.1
MaxLat 13.1
MinLon 7.1
MaxLon 10.3

M131589606LE (LROC NAC which works)
MinLat 7.96
MaxLat 9.49
MinLon 8.78
MaxLon 8.86


#1 Updated by Tammy Becker about 6 years ago

Ella, You might need to get some files from the reporter to see if you can reproduce their problem with the WAC data.

#2 Updated by Ella Lee about 6 years ago

I tried running spiceinit on the LRO WAC file listed and got an error stating "Unable to initialize camera model". Is there something special I need to do in order to process LRO WAC images?

Ella Mae

#3 Updated by Ella Lee about 6 years ago

Error was because I was pointing to our special data area for LRO NAC processing. Need to point to the system data area for LRO WAC processing.

#4 Updated by Ella Lee about 6 years ago

This program is failing when default=minimize but runs successfully if I add default=camera. Is the program doing what it is suppose to when minimize is used? Under what conditions should minimize not be used?

Below is additional information regarding the failure:

Test directory:

Map template content:
Group = Mapping
TargetName = Moon
ProjectionName = Mercator
CenterLatitude = 0.0
CenterLongitude = 0.0
LongitudeDomain = 360
PixelResolution = 100.0
LongitudeDirection = PositiveEast

Error when default=minimize: cam2map from=M117433487ME.vis.even_cal.cub to=lev3test.cub
Object = cam2map
IsisVersion = " beta | 2012-05-21"
ProgramVersion = 2012-04-30
ProgramPath = /usgs/pkgs/isis3production2012-06-26/isis/bin
ExecutionDateTime = 2012-07-03T10:22:06
HostName =
UserName = elee
Description = "Convert camera image to a map projection"

Group = UserParameters
FROM = M117433487ME.vis.even_cal.cub
TO = lev3test.cub
MATCHMAP = false

Group = Error
Program = cam2map
Code = 1
Message = "Unable to create projection from file []"
File = ProjectionFactory.cpp
Line = 523

Group = Error
Program = cam2map
Class = "USER ERROR"
Code = 2
Message = "Latitude, longitude, or radius is an invalid value"
File = SurfacePoint.cpp
Line = 440

Ella Mae

#5 Updated by Tammy Becker about 6 years ago

Jeff, can you please look into this? Ella helped the external reporter with work around, but the issue is not considered resolved without understanding why minimize won't work...we can open a new post if it's a bug...or improve the error for the user....

Thank you

#6 Updated by Tammy Becker about 6 years ago

This post was originally assigned to Ella to help the external reporter. Assignment has changed to a developer for further evaluation/resolution.

#7 Updated by Tammy Becker almost 6 years ago

Unassigned for now, a work around has been identified, but the main problem has not been resolved

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