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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2269ISISBugClosedLowIsisPreference file font is wrongTyler Wilson2015-09-09 01:16 PM
817ISISDocumentationClosedLowhidestripe broken links to example imagesJohn Shinaman2015-08-13 07:38 AM
219ISISBugClosedLowcisscal - parameter and default changeKimberly Oyama2013-08-15 01:25 PM
1562ISISBugClosedLowcneteditor - FEATURE - check boxes for filter effect2013-03-18 02:27 PM
192ISISFeatureClosedLowNew application request - "bit2bit"Stuart Sides2013-03-15 01:09 PM
2413ISISFeatureClosedNormalAdd results to camtestJesse Mapel2019-02-11 12:16 PM
1641ISISBugAcknowledgedNormalisis2std creating Indexed Color png instead of greyscale.2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1373ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalAdd tab completion of ISIS commands and arguments for bash users.2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1374ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalModify the current initIsis script to work for sh and csh shells2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1372ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalModify isisStartup.csh to work for both csh and tcsh2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1342ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalThe SPICE service only works with the most recent public release of ISIS2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1112ISISRecommendationAcknowledgedNormalFailures in spiceinit do not pass along detailed error message produced by the camera models.2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1164ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalCreate a development environment for all supported platform and make it available to the public2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1046ISISRecommendationAcknowledgedNormalUse consistent terminology, parameters, and SPICE requirements within calibration programs2018-10-31 07:32 PM
784ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalImprove the documentation by providing additional information in the category of the xml2018-10-31 07:32 PM
799ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalAdd keyboard accelerators for erasing/drawing the qview find tool's red dot2018-10-31 07:32 PM
816ISISBugAcknowledgedNormallronaccal is using NAIF furnish calls for its moon sun distance2018-10-31 07:32 PM
830ISISBugAcknowledgedNormalApplications which average or interpolate pixels should not transfer the tracking information2018-10-31 07:32 PM
749ISISRecommendationAcknowledgedNormalNew SPICE data available for Voyager2018-10-31 07:32 PM
526ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalphocube: Add a units keyword to the band bin group in the output cube labels2018-10-31 07:31 PM
428ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalqnet - Add testing procedures2018-10-31 07:31 PM
191ISISBugAcknowledgedNormalmaplab - more doc or additional parameters2018-10-31 07:31 PM
194ISISBugAcknowledgedNormalDo we have anything similar to ISIS 2 cpylab?2018-10-31 07:31 PM
202ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalGUI for changing prefence files2018-10-31 07:31 PM
208ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalNew feature for IDLdlm2018-10-31 07:31 PM
210ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalNew feature for visualization tools2018-10-31 07:31 PM
169ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalFeature request for seedgrid. Allow list of lat/long as input2018-10-31 07:31 PM
189ISISBugAcknowledgedNormalcnetnewradii and ControlPoint Type2018-10-31 07:31 PM
5455ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalSupport Mac OS 132018-10-31 07:29 PM
5313ISISBugAcknowledgedNormalstartup scripts should not reference local drives2018-10-31 07:29 PM
5250ISISBugIn ProgressNormalseedgrid can not be interuptedKaitlyn Lee2018-10-31 07:29 PM
5273ISISBugAcknowledgedNormalCK and SPK cache not long enough2018-10-31 07:29 PM
5116ISISFeatureResolvedNormalUpdate ISIS scripts to use cmakeSummer Stapleton2018-10-31 07:29 PM
4919ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalConvert socet2isis to ISIS 3.5.x2018-10-31 07:29 PM
4920ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalConvert isis2socet to ISIS 3.5.x2018-10-31 07:29 PM
4844ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalPublish Code Coverage for ISIS2018-10-31 07:29 PM
4878ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalRelease notes script needs to log info2018-10-31 07:29 PM
4899ISISFeatureResolvedNormalMake mosiac tracking information availableSummer Stapleton2018-10-31 07:29 PM
4807ISISBugAcknowledgedNormalDocumentation for the classes does not build2018-10-31 07:29 PM
4673ISISBugAcknowledgedNormalRemove unused maintenance scripts2018-10-31 07:29 PM
4767ISISBugAcknowledgedNormaledrget fails to get https files2018-10-31 07:29 PM
4774ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalModify distributeIsis to have a quiet mode2018-10-31 07:29 PM
4580ISISRecommendationAcknowledgedNormalCode speed and readability improvement2018-10-31 07:29 PM
4619ISISBugAcknowledgedNormalHeader files for plugins are being added to the inc directory2018-10-31 07:29 PM
3874ISISBugAcknowledgedNormalMissing Info in Release notes2018-10-31 07:29 PM
3875ISISBugAcknowledgedNormalgllnims2isis is not in the release notes2018-10-31 07:29 PM
2274ISISBugAcknowledgedNormalPVL output with reserved chars need to be quoted2018-10-31 07:29 PM
2227ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalSpeed up the ISIS builds2018-10-31 07:29 PM
2232ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalspiceinit web option not working with user defined shape2018-10-31 07:29 PM
2072ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalMove unittest data out of ISIS2018-10-31 07:29 PM
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