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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1578ISISBugClosedBlockcneteditor - tables should use 1 base indexing for rows.2013-03-18 03:28 PM
1577ISISBugClosedBlockcneteditor - table columns forget width between runs2013-03-18 03:27 PM
1575ISISFeatureClosedBlockcneteditor - sorting needs done in its own thread2013-03-18 03:24 PM
1574ISISFeatureClosedBlockcneteditor - sorting - table view interface2013-03-18 03:23 PM
1572ISISFeatureClosedBlockcneteditor - sorting - data structure for item view models needs support for column-specific comparisons2013-03-18 03:21 PM
1571ISISFeatureClosedBlockcneteditor - sorting - columnlist data structure needs support for sort priority2013-03-18 03:21 PM
1573ISISFeatureClosedBlockcneteditor - sorting - table model requirements2013-03-18 03:21 PM
1570ISISBugClosedBlockcneteditor - race condition causing SEGFAULT2013-03-18 03:16 PM
1567ISISCrashClosedBlockcneteditor - SEGFAULT when deleting first row in tables2013-03-18 02:35 PM
1564ISISFeatureClosedBlockcneteditor - FEATURE - option to freeze tables2013-03-18 02:30 PM
1563ISISFeatureClosedBlockcneteditor - FEATURE - new filter request - Point Type2013-03-18 02:28 PM
1561ISISFeatureClosedBlockAlways show filter results in tables of cneteditor2013-03-18 02:25 PM
5466ISISBugAcknowledgedHighphotomet aborting after bad free2018-07-19 08:02 AM
4789ISISFeatureAcknowledgedHighCompare duration test data for nightly builds2017-12-29 01:14 PM
4769ISISFeatureAcknowledgedHighSupport the code coverage on Mac OS 10.11 & 122017-06-20 08:40 AM
4768ISISFeatureAcknowledgedHighSupport Mac OS 10.122017-04-12 10:03 AM
1171ISISFeatureAcknowledgedHighModify ISIS to use a separate mapping radii file when projecting and continue to use the PCK radii when intersection the target2014-12-04 12:35 PM
1170ISISRecommendationAcknowledgedHighUpdate the installation guide and GUI installer to require the ideal directory to be downloaded2014-11-20 10:20 AM
1576ISISFeatureClosedHighcneteditor - sorting needs speed improvements2013-03-18 03:26 PM
1569ISISFeatureClosedHighcneteditor - needs ability to delete points and measures2013-03-18 02:38 PM
1568ISISFeatureClosedHighcneteditor - add warning dialogs2013-03-18 02:36 PM
1566ISISFeatureClosedHighcneteditor - FEATURE - show row counts next to table titles2013-03-18 02:33 PM
1560ISISFeatureClosedHighAdd/Show/Edit column for sigma values in cneteditor2013-03-18 02:22 PM
4774ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalModify distributeIsis to have a quiet mode2018-10-05 10:05 AM
4919ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalConvert socet2isis to ISIS 3.5.x2018-10-04 08:33 AM
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