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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2269ISISBugClosedLowIsisPreference file font is wrongTyler Wilson2015-09-09 01:16 PM
817ISISDocumentationClosedLowhidestripe broken links to example imagesJohn Shinaman2015-08-13 07:38 AM
219ISISBugClosedLowcisscal - parameter and default changeKimberly Oyama2013-08-15 01:25 PM
1562ISISBugClosedLowcneteditor - FEATURE - check boxes for filter effect2013-03-18 02:27 PM
192ISISFeatureClosedLowNew application request - "bit2bit"Stuart Sides2013-03-15 01:09 PM
5225ISISDocumentationClosedNormalUpdate install guide for ChandrayaanSummer Stapleton2017-12-01 11:33 AM
5115ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalIntegrate the cmake work into the ISIS build system2017-11-13 01:32 PM
4807ISISBugAcknowledgedNormalDocumentation for the classes does not build2017-11-13 10:39 AM
814ISISFeatureClosedNormalqview does not take a -pref command line argumentAdam Goins2017-11-08 11:52 AM
191ISISBugAcknowledgedNormalmaplab - more doc or additional parameters2017-10-11 05:20 PM
194ISISBugAcknowledgedNormalDo we have anything similar to ISIS 2 cpylab?2017-10-11 05:20 PM
5116ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalUpdate ISIS scripts to use cmake2017-10-11 04:14 PM
5191ISISBugAcknowledgedNormalDocumentation missing background2017-10-11 03:23 PM
4617ISISBugClosedNormalRemove QT_PLUGIN_PATH from startupChristopher Combs2017-09-18 12:21 PM
5147ISISDocumentationAcknowledgedNormalExpand on the Setup Guide2017-09-11 03:29 PM
202ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalGUI for changing prefence files2017-09-11 02:14 PM
5107ISISBugRejectedNormalNightly builds brokenChristopher Combs2017-08-18 11:42 AM
4919ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalConvert socet2isis to ISIS 3.5.x2017-08-14 10:22 AM
4920ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalConvert isis2socet to ISIS 3.5.x2017-08-14 10:21 AM
4896ISISFeatureClosedNormalCleanUpBuilds Scritp needs better errorsMakayla Shepherd2017-08-14 10:04 AM
4813ISISFeatureClosedNormalNew kakadu libraryIan Humphrey2017-08-14 10:04 AM
4611ISISBugClosedNormalProcessRubbersheet startprocess limitationChristopher Combs2017-08-14 10:04 AM
4029ISISBugRejectedNormalFont and font size preference not being usedMarjorie Hahn2017-08-14 10:03 AM
3923ISISBugRejectedNormalcam2map failure on LRO NAC imageJesse Mapel2017-08-14 10:03 AM
2270ISISDocumentationClosedNormalpixel2map needs improved documentationIan Humphrey2017-08-14 10:03 AM
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