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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
818ISISBugClosedNormal(DUPLICATE) qview data table and plot tool problemSteven Lambright2013-08-15 01:13 PM
2121ISISFeatureClosedHighAdd a distortion model to the New Horizons LORRI cameraStuart Sides2014-06-20 02:24 PM
2120ISISFeatureClosedHighAdd ability to import FITS extensions 2 and 3 for lorri2isisStuart Sides2014-06-20 02:28 PM
2365ISISFeatureClosedNormalAdd CelestialNorthClockAngle to skyptKelvin Rodriguez2016-06-29 03:39 PM
1231ISISDocumentationClosedHighAdd documentation to the Web pages about web based spiceinit not working for radiometric calibrationSteven Lambright2013-03-15 01:11 PM
590ISISDocumentationClosedNormalAdd documention to footprintinitTracie Sucharski2013-03-15 01:10 PM
4843ISISFeatureClosedHighAdd Doxygen to V007John Bonn2017-08-14 10:04 AM
2166ISISFeatureClosedNormalAdd Eigen vectors to output of PCAKristin Berry2014-12-04 12:23 PM
1953ISISFeatureClosedNormalAdd focal plane X,Y to qview's track toolMakayla Shepherd2015-11-20 01:59 PM
1531ISISFeatureClosedNormalAdd Google analytics to ISIS documentationMathew Eis2013-03-15 01:11 PM
2335ISISFeatureClosedHighAdd instrument name function to camerasIan Humphrey2015-09-02 01:11 PM
799ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalAdd keyboard accelerators for erasing/drawing the qview find tool's red dot2017-08-08 11:31 PM
4329ISISFeatureClosedNormalAdd NAIF Leap second file version 12Stuart Sides2016-09-02 02:14 PM
1674ISISFeatureClosedHighAdd new lronacecho code from ASU to the systemStuart Sides2014-12-04 12:23 PM
4450ISISFeatureRejectedNormalAdd new operating systems to the installer and docsMarjorie Hahn2017-03-03 03:04 PM
2277ISISBugClosedNormalAdd RA, Dec and Body Fixed x,y,z to phocubeMakayla Shepherd2015-07-02 06:20 PM
3898ISISFeatureClosedNormalAdd socetframesetting changes to ISISJean Backer2017-05-08 04:38 PM
5456ISISFeatureIn ProgressNormalAdd Support for Ubuntu 18.042018-07-11 10:30 AM
1373ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalAdd tab completion of ISIS commands and arguments for bash users.2017-04-21 03:09 PM
3894ISISFeatureClosedNormalAdd test to OREx cat testsJean Backer2016-12-27 04:37 PM
337ISISFeatureClosedNormalAdd the capability for "setisis" to get people set to the most recent version of astroJai Ram Rideout2013-03-15 01:09 PM
3912ISISFeatureClosedNormalAdd unsigned word capabilities to ISISMakayla Shepherd2017-02-06 09:51 AM
1560ISISFeatureClosedHighAdd/Show/Edit column for sigma values in cneteditor2013-03-18 02:22 PM
1682ISISDocumentationClosedNormalAdditional documentation for lrowaccalStuart Sides2014-12-04 12:23 PM
1561ISISFeatureClosedBlockAlways show filter results in tables of cneteditor2013-03-18 02:25 PM
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