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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
5234ISISBugClosedBlockjigsaw error test full pathSummer Stapleton2017-12-01 11:32 AM
4659ISISBugClosedBlockTests that have hard coded pathsChristopher Combs2017-06-01 09:09 AM
4585ISISBugClosedBlockFailed Class documentation buildsJohn Bonn2017-05-26 10:04 AM
4605ISISBugClosedBlockphotcorriJohn Bonn2017-05-04 10:34 AM
4660ISISBugAcknowledgedBlockubuntu 14 third party libsIan Humphrey2017-04-12 09:45 AM
1579ISISBugClosedBlockcneteditor needs to work with large networks (millions of measures)Stuart Sides2017-02-06 10:24 AM
2119ISISBugClosedBlockCode coverage tool no longer works on unit testsIan Humphrey2014-12-04 12:23 PM
1662ISISBugClosedBlockUpdate truth files for the Debian 7 systemKimberly Oyama2014-12-04 12:23 PM
1554ISISBugClosedBlockcnetbin2pvl unable to read cnet files from ISIS 3.2.1 hijitregSteven Lambright2013-05-30 11:43 AM
1578ISISBugClosedBlockcneteditor - tables should use 1 base indexing for rows.2013-03-18 03:28 PM
1577ISISBugClosedBlockcneteditor - table columns forget width between runs2013-03-18 03:27 PM
1570ISISBugClosedBlockcneteditor - race condition causing SEGFAULT2013-03-18 03:16 PM
1349ISISBugClosedBlockModify lronac2pds and lrowac2pds to extend the label productid to N charactersSteven Lambright2013-03-15 01:11 PM
5466ISISBugAcknowledgedHighphotomet aborting after bad free2018-07-19 08:02 AM
4820ISISBugRejectedHighlibprotobuf permissions wrong on Debian8Ian Humphrey2017-08-14 10:04 AM
4583ISISBugRejectedHighISIS installer space available not correctKaj Williams2017-08-14 10:04 AM
4590ISISBugClosedHighUnnecessary requirement for qviewMarjorie Hahn2017-05-04 11:01 AM
4614ISISBugClosedHighOblique resolution equation has an errorTyler Wilson2017-05-04 10:59 AM
2191ISISBugClosedHighgrid does not produce a valid lat/lon grid for multi-band cubes with a band dependent cameraKristin Berry2017-02-06 10:17 AM
3890ISISBugClosedHighChandrayaan 1 M3 images are not gap filled correctlyStuart Sides2016-11-01 08:54 AM
2374ISISBugClosedHighcattests not using test preferencesJesse Mapel2016-04-11 11:32 AM
2405ISISBugClosedHighNew Horizons LORRI distortion model is incorrectStuart Sides2016-03-04 11:20 AM
2356ISISBugClosedHighFailures caused by TEMP files left in testsIan Humphrey2015-10-27 05:12 PM
2247ISISBugClosedHighSegfault when clock count partition not in SCLKStuart Sides2015-04-30 04:56 PM
2200ISISBugClosedHighspiceinit can not use kernels from jigsaw for Chan M3Stuart Sides2015-03-30 08:34 AM
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