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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
4068ISISDocumentationAcknowledgedNormal The barscale program needs a user documentation example2016-07-08 07:07 PM
4091ISISDocumentationAcknowledgedNormal'What are Pixels' demo on the ISIS Workshop wiki page needs explanation 2016-07-08 07:03 PM
653ISISBugAcknowledgedHigh32 to 8 bit conversion differences between ISIS 3 and ISIS22018-10-31 07:32 PM
4100ISISFeatureIn ProgressNormalA different formula for calculating the detector resolution for the Camera class has been added, and it needs to be integrated into the following applications.Kaitlyn Lee2018-10-31 07:29 PM
2362ISISDocumentationAcknowledgedNormalA link to 'ISIS Map Projection Users Guide' is missing in the docs for TProjection/Projection/ProjectionFactory2017-10-11 05:10 PM
3882ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalAdd "report bug" button to ISIS applications2018-10-31 07:29 PM
4423ISISRecommendationAcknowledgedNormalAdd a Angle::toString(Angle) method2018-10-31 07:29 PM
2161ISISFeatureResolvedNormalAdd a new normalization function to ISIS for Kaguya MI dataJanet Barrett2018-10-31 07:29 PM
3876ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalAdd a Transverse Cylindrical projection to ISIS2018-10-31 07:29 PM
1911ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalAdd an 'average' functionality to projection applications 2018-10-31 07:29 PM
2360ISISFeatureIn ProgressNormaladd autoseed log fileKaitlyn Lee2018-10-31 07:29 PM
536ISISFeatureAcknowledgedHighAdd backward compatibility support for renaming of existing application parameter names2018-10-31 07:31 PM
1299ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalAdd BIL and BIP options to raw2isis2018-10-31 07:32 PM
4584ISISFeatureResolvedNormalAdd ExoMars TGO CaSSIS ingestion program and mission files to ISIS 2018-10-31 07:29 PM
931ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalAdd feature for blinking spectral bands of a cube2018-10-31 07:32 PM
932ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalAdd feature for saving the spatial area of a plot2018-10-31 07:32 PM
4126ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalAdd GeoTiff export support2018-10-31 07:29 PM
1282PILOTBugResolvedNormalAdd HistrogramsMark Bailen2013-03-15 01:11 PM
799ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalAdd keyboard accelerators for erasing/drawing the qview find tool's red dot2018-10-31 07:32 PM
918ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalAdd new capability to qview stretch tool2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1762ISISFeatureAcknowledgedHighAdd new MiniRF bistatic radar camera model2018-10-31 07:29 PM
864ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormaladd new stretch pair option to isis2std2018-10-31 07:32 PM
5398ISISFeatureIn ProgressNormalAdd support for calibrated VIRTIS images to rosvirtis2isisJean Backer2018-10-31 07:29 PM
1373ISISFeatureAcknowledgedNormalAdd tab completion of ISIS commands and arguments for bash users.2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1492ISISFeatureAcknowledgedHighAdd Third Party shapelib library to ISIS2018-10-31 07:32 PM
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