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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
5240ISISFeatureIn ProgressNormalImprovements to exporting pds4 files from ISIS3 cubesKristin Berry2017-11-24 08:14 AM
5239ISISBugNewNormalno file in ~/isis/scripts after installation on Mac2017-11-23 11:48 AM
5238ISISCrashAcknowledgedHighspiceinit on Cassini rings dataTammy Becker2017-11-22 03:29 PM
5142ISISFeatureResolvedNormalAuto resize the columns on qview's Advanced Tracking Tool Adam Goins2017-11-22 03:12 PM
3922ISISBugResolvedNormalqview - match point tool "save as" control network doesn't update for future save'sAdam Goins2017-11-22 02:53 PM
2084ISISBugAssignedNormalError messages containing PVL keyword names may not contain the correct nameAdam Goins2017-11-22 01:59 PM
2150ISISFeatureAssignedNormalqnet - Add a find point ID option Adam Goins2017-11-22 01:57 PM
5036ISISBugAssignedNormalissue handling of paths for detached filesAdam Goins2017-11-22 01:46 PM
4883ISISBugAssignedNormalpds2isis can't process a particular pds3 fileSummer Stapleton2017-11-22 01:21 PM
5223ISISBugResolvedBlockM3 default kernels need to be removed from the data areaStuart Sides2017-11-22 01:14 PM
5145ISISBugAssignedBlockISIS3 preferences not where the error message says itisSummer Stapleton2017-11-22 01:13 PM
5225ISISDocumentationAssignedNormalUpdate install guide for ChandrayaanSummer Stapleton2017-11-22 01:11 PM
5234ISISBugAssignedBlockjigsaw error test full pathSummer Stapleton2017-11-22 01:02 PM
4953ISISCrashResolvedNormalqview rotated rectangle tool crashes when selecting small areasSummer Stapleton2017-11-22 12:50 PM
5106ISISBugResolvedNormalciss2isis - dealing with input saturated pixelsSummer Stapleton2017-11-22 12:10 PM
5237ISISBugResolvedNormalROSOSIRIS2ISIS only imports small part of the attached PDS labelStuart Sides2017-11-21 01:43 PM
5236ISISBugAcknowledgedHighJunoCam Camera Model -- target SPICE + image still not always coincident2017-11-21 09:03 AM
4789ISISFeatureAcknowledgedHighCompare duration test data for nightly builds2017-11-20 11:47 AM
5235ISISBugAcknowledgedNormalBugfixes and readability improvements for socetframesettings2017-11-20 10:18 AM
5148ISISBugResolvedNormalautomos - wierd behavior with incorrect user entered latitude and longitude rangeCole Neubauer2017-11-20 10:18 AM
4741ISISBugIn ProgressNormalhijitter and noproj on hirise images produces DN differences from last releaseJesse Mapel2017-11-20 09:17 AM
4905ISISBugIn ProgressHighautomos - polar stereographic mosaic UpperLeftCornerX/Y values possibly miscalculated when user enters lat/lon rangeTyler Wilson2017-11-17 03:09 PM
5232ISISBugAcknowledgedNormaljunocam2isis can hit the QT Open File Limit2017-11-16 09:22 AM
5233ISISBugAcknowledgedHighautomos - extra line when user enters range matching default calculated range2017-11-16 09:21 AM
5143ISISBugResolvedNormalqview Advanced Tracking Tool does not show up with the 1st line displayed Adam Goins2017-11-15 09:40 AM
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