ISIS 3.4.13 Public Release 2016/08/31

Added by Stuart Sides about 2 years ago

A new version of ISIS 3 is available. Please consider keeping your production version available until you have thoroughly tested 3.4.13.

Download and installation information is available at:

Application parameter name and default value changes:

Release notes regarding changes to applications:

Release notes regarding changes to the ISIS library:

Need help with ISIS? Please submit all questions, comments, feature requests, and bug reports through the issue tracking system. Sign up for a user account at: or go directly to the support site:


1) This release will be the last to support the following platforms: Red Hat 6, Ubuntu 12, Debian 7, Fedora 21, Mac OSX 6, Mac OSX 8. The supported platforms for the next release are expected to be Red Hat 7, Ubuntu 14, Debian 8, Fedora 24, Mac OSX 11. The next release is expected in January 2017.

2) The NAIF leap second kernel has been updated to version 12. This adds a leap second at the end of December 31, 2016.