ISIS 3.5.0 BETA Release 2017/01/18

First Public Beta release of ISIS
Added by Stuart Sides almost 2 years ago

This is a community wide BETA release of ISIS3. This is only a test of our new beta capability, and is just a few days before the next full release. The next beta will be made available significantly ahead of the public release.

  • Do not use this BETA for production work.
  • Do not overwrite any existing version of ISIS with this BETA

When installing this BETA version, you must use one of the following rsync commands. The java installer does not work with BETA versions:

rsync -azv --delete --partial .
rsync -azv --delete --partial .
rsync -azv --delete --partial .
rsync -azv --delete --partial .
rsync -azv --delete --partial .

The data area for this BETA has been updated, but is compatible with 3.4.13, so you may set your ISIS3DATA environment variable to point to an existing ISIS data directory after re-rsyncing the data.

We would appreciate your help testing this BETA version of ISIS3.5.0. If you find any problems with this BETA please report them through our issue tracking system at:

Key features in this BETA:
New supported operating systems:
Red Hat Enterprise 7
Debian 8
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
Fedora 21
Mac OS 10.11
NOTE: Once we have the results of the 10.12 tests, they can be included here

Updates to third party libraries used by ISIS3 include:
QT 5.6
QWT 6.1
OpenCV 3.1
Protobuf 9
GEOS 3.5
Cholmod 3

There are many feature and bug fixes included in this release. The release notes for this version are available in the download at:

Special Notes:

With the new Qt version, some differences in the windows will be visible, such as font and minor layout changes.

On OSX systems, there is an issue where the menu for non-interactive applications (e.g., crop, spiceinit) is not active immediately after the program is launched. Switching to another application and then back makes the menu active.

This version was built on an Mac OS 10.11 system and has had some testing on an OS 10.12 system. We believe it should work for 10.12.

Some Linux installations may require the "gfortran" package to be installed by the administrator.