ISIS 3.5.1 Release Candidate Available

Added by Stuart Sides over 1 year ago

ISIS 3.5.1 Release Candidate is available

A release candidate for ISIS 3.5.1 has been put on the rsync servers. It contains all of the bug fixes, features and new instruments destined for 3.5.1.

The projection pixel offset issues have been resolved in this release. The output from the following programs is has changed:
* Import applications: pds2isis, mimap2isis, hirdr2isis, gllnims2isis, crism2isis, mrf2isis
* Export applications: isis2pds, hirdrgen, hidtmgen
For a description of the projection offset issues see:

* Do not use this version for production work.
* The data area for 3.5.1 is compatible with the public release

The online documentation will not be updated until the full release of 3.5.1. The full documentation is available offline once it has been downloaded. See: $ISISROOT/doc/index.html

The manual download and installation process is the same as the stable distribution except for the rsync module names. The automatic installer only works for stable public releases. Use the following rsync modules:

x86-64_darwin_OSX_beta = Isis 3.5.1 beta - Mac OSX 64-bit 10.11 and 10.12 systems
x86-64_linux_DEBIAN_beta = Isis 3.5.1 beta - Linux x86 64-bit Debian 8 systems
x86-64_linux_FEDORA_beta = Isis 3.5.1 beta Linux x86 64-bit Fedora 21 systems
x86-64_linux_RHEL_beta = Isis 3.5.1 beta - Linux x86 64-bit RHEL 7 systems
x86-64_linux_UBUNTU_beta = Isis 3.5.1 beta - Linux x86 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04 systems

Once you have downloaded this version the release notes can be viewed at: file:///$ISISROOT/doc/documents/ReleaseNotes/ReleaseNotes.html

If you find a problem with this release candidate or need help with ISIS? Please submit all questions, comments, feature requests, and bug reports through the issue tracking system.
* New users, request a login:
* Existing users, login:

Supported operating systems:

Red Hat Enterprise 7
Debian 8
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
Fedora 21
Mac OS 10.11 & 10.12