Significant Cassini Kernel Changes with ISIS3.5.2

Added by Makayla Shepherd over 1 year ago

As a part of the end of mission wrap-up, the Cassini team has released a new sclk kernel that will impact all images acquired over time.

This means that lat/lon values for images that are spiceinit-ed using the previous sclk kernel will be different than the same images that are spiceinit-ed with the new kernels.

The kernels will be automatically downloaded and setup as the spiceinit default when you download/update your Cassini data area after the kernels are distributed with the next ISIS release (isis3.5.2).

If you wish to use the previous sclk kernel, you can specify the file name to override the default:
spiceinit from=cassini-image.cub sclk=/usgs/cpkgs/isis3/data/cassini/kernels/sclk/cas00169.tsc

In addition to the sclk changes the Cassini team is reconstructing the trajectory and improving ck kernels. The final kernels will be released at the end of the summer.