From 2011-05-10 to 2011-06-08


11:12 AM Feature #76 (Acknowledged): Need an application to register stacked color sets
We need a black box program that will register color sets (near simultaneous observations). This was requested at th... Jeff Anderson
09:31 AM Feature #22: photomet - Ability to look up model curves based on Target & Wavelength
The PGG Carto panel recommended looking at ISIS2 applications and selecting a number to quickly rewrite into ISIS3. ... Moses Milazzo


09:21 AM Bug #72 (Closed): Get Mantis integrated with Subversion
Getting Mantis to work with Subversion could prove to be difficult, because it was not actually designed with SVN int... Travis Addair


03:39 PM Recommendation #63 (Rejected): Rover/Lander Infrastructure development should be scheduled in MSP...
The work to design and implement low-level classes to support rovers (MSL, MER, Pathfinder, etc.) should move up in p... Moses Milazzo
08:03 AM Feature #23 (Closed): Schedule work for Parallax calculator tool
Project: Sucharski-Data
Develop problem statement and use cases Tracie L Sucharski
Develop problem statemen...
Moses Milazzo


04:20 PM Feature #22 (Acknowledged): photomet - Ability to look up model curves based on Target & Wavelength
This is a functionality did exist in Isis2 where the user could select a prepared lookup table based on target body a... Tammy Becker
04:06 PM Feature #21 (Acknowledged): photomet - ability to run on multiple bands
photomet currently does not have the ability to run on a multi-band spectral cube. DAWN-VIR will need this, Cassini-... Tammy Becker

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