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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
5365BugClosedNormalRedhat distribution misses libraryIan Humphrey2018-04-13 10:13 AM
5281DocumentationClosedNormalSpatialPlotTool needs to be documentedSummer Stapleton2018-05-11 03:35 PM
5272FeatureClosedBlockModify kerneldbgen for M3Christopher Combs2018-01-12 10:10 AM
5264BugClosedNormalReseau mark removal in Voyager imagesSummer Stapleton2018-06-22 10:18 AM
5262BugClosedNormalqview - window selection issueCole Neubauer2018-01-09 12:38 PM
5257BugClosedNormalqview 2D spatial plot tool rotated rectangle reports incorrect informationSummer Stapleton2018-01-26 04:10 PM
5251BugClosedNormalJigsaw - Fails on images initialized with nadir camera pointingKenneth Edmundson2017-12-14 10:08 AM
5245BugClosedHighProblem with EquatorialCylindricalShapeCole Neubauer2018-03-14 01:41 PM
5242BugClosedHighBug in EquatorialCylindricalShape classCole Neubauer2018-03-14 01:41 PM
5239BugRejectedNormalno file in ~/isis/scripts after installation on MacCole Neubauer2018-01-24 10:48 AM
5234BugClosedBlockjigsaw error test full pathSummer Stapleton2017-12-01 11:32 AM
5231BugClosedNormalMake html failing (libiconv missing) prog25Makayla Shepherd2018-01-11 02:38 PM
5225DocumentationClosedNormalUpdate install guide for ChandrayaanSummer Stapleton2017-12-01 11:33 AM
5191BugClosedNormalDocumentation missing backgroundMakayla Shepherd2018-01-02 03:16 PM
5184DocumentationClosedNormalAdd documentation for the new IsisPreferences options to specify the use of Embree/Bullet. Kristin Berry2017-10-12 09:41 AM
5177BugClosedBlockqnet - recent beta/production versions brokenKristin Berry2017-10-17 04:34 PM
5163BugClosedNormalThere is a seg fault when Spice::getDouble is called and index is out of boundsChristopher Combs2018-01-10 12:14 PM
5162QuestionClosedNormal3.4.13 available for download?Stuart Sides2018-02-08 11:55 AM
5159BugClosedNormallroc cat test fails on prog22 with bad OD_K valueMakayla Shepherd2018-04-03 09:58 AM
5148BugClosedNormalautomos - wierd behavior with incorrect user entered latitude and longitude rangeCole Neubauer2018-01-15 09:43 PM
5145BugClosedBlockISIS3 preferences not where the error message says itisSummer Stapleton2018-01-04 09:12 PM
5142FeatureClosedNormalAuto resize the columns on qview's Advanced Tracking Tool Adam Goins2018-01-12 03:28 PM
5132FeatureClosedHighDevelop Rosetta VIRTIS camera model for VIRTIS-M VIS and IR instrumentsKris Becker2017-08-29 11:21 AM
5125BugClosedNormalImproper units on campt outputKaitlyn Lee2018-02-28 05:27 PM
5123CrashClosedHighcnethist - crashes on large networkSummer Stapleton2017-09-08 03:03 PM
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