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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
5462BugNewNormalcreateReleaseNotesXML is throwing PHP warnings when parsing header files.Tyler Wilson2018-07-16 12:00 PM
5459BugIn ProgressNormaljigsaw error on prog22 testsKristin Berry2018-07-10 04:17 PM
5456FeatureIn ProgressNormalAdd Support for Ubuntu 18.042018-07-11 10:30 AM
5455FeatureAcknowledgedNormalSupport Mac OS 132018-07-03 09:53 AM
5452BugIn ProgressNormalQNET Writes Out Bad Control Net, Gives Error, Refuses to Save Properly, Work Lost!Jesse Mapel2018-07-06 03:42 PM
5451BugAcknowledgedNormalqnet range parameter throws error and then kills operability of qnet2018-07-12 04:38 PM
5442CrashAcknowledgedNormalHRSC blue band seg faults during spiceinit when other bands work2018-06-15 02:34 PM
5417FeatureResolvedNormalAdd CaSSIS mosaic appMakayla Shepherd2018-05-22 03:58 PM
5353BugClosedHighVimsCamera is causing spiceinit to fail when TargetName==SKYAdam Goins2018-03-16 02:58 PM
5313BugAcknowledgedNormalstartup scripts should not reference local drives2018-02-02 07:28 AM
5279BugClosedHighConfirm nomenclature tool is working in IPCECole Neubauer2018-05-01 03:58 PM
5250BugIn ProgressNormalseedgrid can not be interuptedKaitlyn Lee2018-07-02 04:55 PM
5188DocumentationClosedNormaldsk2isis documentation might be appearing in wrong table of contents categoryKaitlyn Lee2018-06-15 09:14 AM
5187BugClosedNormalshadow program creates output with all LRS pixelsKaitlyn Lee2018-07-02 04:32 PM
4932BugIn ProgressNormalckwriter and spkwriter cannot exceed 100,000 segments per fileKristin Berry2017-12-29 01:45 PM
4923BugClosedLowfits2isis app tests do not compare labelsKaitlyn Lee2018-02-14 04:13 PM
4446FeatureClosedNormalPhocube export of complete RA and Dec back planesKaitlyn Lee2018-06-15 04:31 PM
4352QuestionAcknowledgedNormalspiceinit - some Voyager IMQ files throw error Unable to initialize camera model2018-02-16 04:03 PM
4100FeatureIn ProgressNormalA different formula for calculating the detector resolution for the Camera class has been added, and it needs to be integrated into the following applications.Kaitlyn Lee2018-06-06 10:01 AM
3922BugClosedNormalqview - match point tool "save as" control network doesn't update for future save'sAdam Goins2018-01-08 08:49 PM
2150FeatureClosedNormalqnet - Add a find point ID option Adam Goins2018-01-10 09:48 AM
1667BugClosedNormalisis2std no longer appears to support GIF type exportsKaitlyn Lee2018-02-15 10:45 AM
703FeatureClosedLowddd2isis does not support 24-bit imagesKaitlyn Lee2018-06-15 09:16 AM

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