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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
387BugAcknowledgedNormalTime and Resource usage testing2014-05-23 04:04 PM
397FeatureAcknowledgedNormalDevelop timing and memory usage tests2017-04-21 03:09 PM
422FeatureAcknowledgedNormalHave crop determine the lat/lon in projected cubes2013-08-15 10:41 AM
428FeatureAcknowledgedNormalqnet - Add testing procedures2015-08-11 09:50 AM
429DocumentationAcknowledgedNormalqtie - Add testing procedures2013-08-15 10:41 AM
430DocumentationAcknowledgedNormalqview - Test and document2013-08-15 10:41 AM
437DocumentationAcknowledgedNormaldeltack - Test and document2015-07-22 04:47 PM
440DocumentationAcknowledgedNormalcnetedit - Test and document2013-08-15 10:41 AM
441DocumentationAcknowledgedNormalcnetextract - Test and document2013-08-15 10:41 AM
471BugAcknowledgedNormalGUI does not tell you what application it is for2017-10-11 05:20 PM
474BugAcknowledgedLowSpiceinit bombs if CK kernel does not have angular velocity2013-08-15 10:41 AM
477FeatureAcknowledgedNormalqmos should be able to do better selections on the mosaic scene2013-08-15 10:41 AM
478FeatureAcknowledgedNormalqmos mosaic world view improvements2013-08-15 10:41 AM
480FeatureAcknowledgedNormalqmos control point tooltip2013-08-15 10:41 AM
481FeatureAcknowledgedNormalqmos view menu improvements2013-08-15 10:41 AM
482FeatureAcknowledgedNormalqmos changing projection2013-08-15 10:41 AM
483FeatureAcknowledgedNormalqmos coloring could be simplified2013-08-15 10:41 AM
484FeatureAcknowledgedNormalqmos feature requests as a result of documentation push for October 2011 release2013-08-15 10:41 AM
485FeatureAcknowledgedNormaljigsaw improvements2016-05-25 03:52 PM
486FeatureAcknowledgedHighJigsaw: Default Control Measure uncertainties need to be defined2015-07-21 09:18 AM
489BugAcknowledgedNormalJigsaw: Control measure uncertainties for automated measurement2013-08-15 10:41 AM
490FeatureAcknowledgedNormalJigsaw: Comprehensive test suite2013-08-15 10:41 AM
492FeatureAcknowledgedNormalJigsaw: Image Resection Class2013-08-15 10:41 AM
493FeatureAcknowledgedNormalJigsaw: Robust outlier detection and rejection2013-08-15 10:41 AM
494FeatureAcknowledgedNormalJigsaw: Run smarter2013-08-15 10:41 AM
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