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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1390BugAcknowledgedHighImportPdsTable automated test fails on local file systems on all Mac OS's2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1374FeatureAcknowledgedNormalModify the current initIsis script to work for sh and csh shells2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1373FeatureAcknowledgedNormalAdd tab completion of ISIS commands and arguments for bash users.2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1372FeatureAcknowledgedNormalModify isisStartup.csh to work for both csh and tcsh2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1357FeatureAcknowledgedHighISIS should put labels on an image that is intended for publication2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1355FeatureAcknowledgedHighISIS should make publication ready figures2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1353FeatureAcknowledgedHighISIS should have a "caption writer" application2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1352FeatureAcknowledgedNormalDesire to regain full functionality of the PICS barscale program2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1351BugAcknowledgedNormalphoempglobal-no output file is created or error message reported when emamax is set to 702018-10-31 07:32 PM
1344FeatureAcknowledgedHighcnetref - cull clusters when using interest operator2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1342FeatureAcknowledgedNormalThe SPICE service only works with the most recent public release of ISIS2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1336FeatureAcknowledgedNormalDevelop Mollweide Map projection2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1334BugAcknowledgedNormalphoempglobal-no output produced when emamax_pcoeff=02018-10-31 07:32 PM
1317BugAcknowledgedNormaldeltack - problems with re-assigning subspacecraft lat/lon for adjusted pointing on flyby data2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1299FeatureAcknowledgedNormalAdd BIL and BIP options to raw2isis2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1297BugAcknowledgedNormalphotemplate - problem with parameter values with helper buttons2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1295BugAcknowledgedNormalphotemplate - no error reported when I set phtname=frompvl and leave frompvl=None specified2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1294BugAcknowledgedNormalshadowtau - the datafile option for empirical functions failsTammy Becker2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1287FeatureAcknowledgedLowqview - user selected columns in a specified order for output file2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1285RecommendationAcknowledgedNormalshadowtau - test on HiRISE data2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1263FeatureAcknowledgedNormalDesign/Develop program to find gaps/holes in mosaic2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1258FeatureAcknowledgedNormalqview band "play"2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1257FeatureAcknowledgedNormalqview spectral and spatial plot suggestions/ideas2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1250BugAcknowledgedNormalqnet - editing ground points using a positive longitude direction=west2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1237FeatureAcknowledgedHighNew Tool: Update Serial Numbers in Existing Control Networks2018-10-31 07:32 PM
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