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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1671BugAcknowledgedHighqview is slow viewing color images2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1670BugAcknowledgedHighstd2isis slow reading TIFF file2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1668BugAcknowledgedNormalOrthographic Projections are incorrect in qmos.2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1666BugAcknowledgedNormalisis2std 16 bit tiff outputs may be incorrect2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1656BugAcknowledgedNormalspiceinit with the batch list option is filling some limit2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1641BugAcknowledgedNormalisis2std creating Indexed Color png instead of greyscale.2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1637FeatureAcknowledgedNormallroc2isis - request to support ingestion of PDS calibrated 'CDR' data 2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1615BugAcknowledgedNormalcisscal program needs improved test coverage to verify that appropriate calibration files are found2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1558FeatureAcknowledgedNormalcneteditor - FEATURE - save table contents to file2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1557RecommendationAcknowledgedNormalProvide Easily found Public Documentation on how to read ISSI cubes into IDL2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1545BugIn ProgressNormalLocal Incidence and Emission computed wrong for certain types of imagesTyler Wilson2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1544FeatureAcknowledgedNormalModify mdis2isis to properly import MDIS CDRs2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1529BugAcknowledgedNormalmocuncompress has memory errors2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1503FeatureAcknowledgedHighCreate a new class and associated application to calculate the Lat/Lon extents of an image2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1492FeatureAcknowledgedHighAdd Third Party shapelib library to ISIS2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1472BugAcknowledgedNormalfor equalizer, the LeastSquares::SVD solve method is producing consistent results on all OS except MACs2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1470RecommendationAcknowledgedNormalISIS should get certification from NASA as Class C software2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1437BugAcknowledgedNormalcubeit/cubeatt - propagation and tracking issues with the multiple band files and band-bin group keywords2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1390BugAcknowledgedHighImportPdsTable automated test fails on local file systems on all Mac OS's2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1374FeatureAcknowledgedNormalModify the current initIsis script to work for sh and csh shells2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1373FeatureAcknowledgedNormalAdd tab completion of ISIS commands and arguments for bash users.2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1372FeatureAcknowledgedNormalModify isisStartup.csh to work for both csh and tcsh2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1357FeatureAcknowledgedHighISIS should put labels on an image that is intended for publication2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1355FeatureAcknowledgedHighISIS should make publication ready figures2018-10-31 07:32 PM
1353FeatureAcknowledgedHighISIS should have a "caption writer" application2018-10-31 07:32 PM
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