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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2267BugIn ProgressNormalqnet - when navigating by cubes, new point created does not show up after switching navigation type to pointsAdam Goins2018-04-24 02:37 PM
2266BugIn ProgressNormalqnet - cube list not re-filtering when creaing a new point and navigating by pointsAdam Goins2018-04-24 02:37 PM
4146BugResolvedNormalClosing the main qnet window after modifying control net and hitting "Cancel" closes the main windowAdam Goins2018-04-24 01:01 PM
5408FeatureIn ProgressNormalSupport for CK defined body reference framesJesse Mapel2018-04-21 01:50 PM
5377BugAcknowledgedNormalstats default app test fails depending on length of FROM string2018-04-20 05:49 PM
5378BugAcknowledgedLowisis doc doesn't build on prog22 and prog232018-04-20 05:48 PM
4912FeatureResolvedNormalkeyboard shortcut for clear option from qview tracking toolAdam Goins2018-04-20 04:17 PM
5387BugAcknowledgedNormalOblique resolution is incorrect in phocube with embree ray tracing engine2018-04-20 04:06 PM
4779FeatureResolvedNormalHave $IsisApp -last print the last command it's running before proceeding to do itAdam Goins2018-04-20 03:50 PM
5303RecommendationIn ProgressNormalLogic in apollopaninit can be handled in translation fileKaitlyn Lee2018-04-20 02:56 PM
5383FeatureAcknowledgedNormalgalileo ISIS2 conversion to ISIS32018-04-19 05:47 AM
5405BugAcknowledgedNormalrsync error2018-04-19 01:23 AM
5036BugResolvedNormalissue handling of paths for detached filesAdam Goins2018-04-18 03:27 PM
5384BugAcknowledgedNormalproblem in spiceinit of Dawn FC color data using a DTM 2018-04-18 01:48 PM
5401RecommendationIn ProgressLowControl point colors should be consistent across applicationsKaitlyn Lee2018-04-17 02:01 PM
5388BugAcknowledgedNormalbug with spiceinit2018-04-16 10:29 AM
5385BugAcknowledgedHighspiceinit fails on Cassini ISS images2018-04-16 10:28 AM
5398FeatureIn ProgressNormalAdd support for calibrated VIRTIS images to rosvirtis2isisKristin Berry2018-04-12 02:34 PM
4972BugResolvedNormalsumspice - command is not going to the isis3 cube processing historyKaitlyn Lee2018-04-12 01:12 PM
5338BugResolvedHighCassini RADAR BIL* filesChristopher Combs2018-04-11 01:52 PM
4100FeatureResolvedNormalA different formula for calculating the detector resolution for the Camera class has been added, and it needs to be integrated into the following applications.Kaitlyn Lee2018-04-10 02:42 PM
5320BugAcknowledgedHighJigsaw failing when lat/lon coordinates are not co-located with disc on image.2018-04-10 01:24 PM
5361BugResolvedHighTarget body radii need to be stored in ISIS control networkAdam Goins2018-04-05 11:44 AM
5263DocumentationResolvedNormalPreference setup is hard to findKaitlyn Lee2018-04-04 03:22 PM
5369BugResolvedNormalrososiris2isis fails on legal FILTER_NAMEJean Backer2018-04-04 05:44 AM
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