ISIS Issue Statuses


An issue status of "New" indicates the issue has not been seen by a senior ISIS Support Team member or is awaiting additional information from the author. Once the issue is deemed complete, the Support Team will change the status field to Acknowledged.

Expectation: All new issues should be acknowledged within three business days or have notes asking for clarification or information.


An issue status of "Acknowledged" indicates the issue has been triaged by a senior Support Team member. The issue may now be considered a candidate for future work.

Expectation: When will my issue be addressed


When the status changes to "Assigned" a specific Support Team member has been notified the ticket is to be work on.

Expectation: The Support Team member is not actively working on the issue, but is expected to do so soon. Please remember priorities may change. An assigned issue may be un-assigned depending on many factors.

In Progress

The assigned Support Team member changes the status to "In Progress" when they begin work to resolve the issue.

Expectation: Depending on the workload and how difficult the issue is to fix this step may take hours to months. It is also possible the resolution becomes too difficult and the issue is returned to a status of Acknowledged.


Once the developer believes the issue has been fixed they will change the issue status to “Resolved”. The author or an ISIS Support Team tester can test the resolution and decide if the issue can be closed.

Expectation: If the author or ISIS Support Team tester agrees with the resolution, the issue can be closed. If the resolution is not what is needed then discussions, using the issue notes, with the developer should start.


When the original author of the issue or a designatee has verified the resolution is correct the status should be changed to "Closed".

Expectations: Once a software issue is Closed the developer can check the software into the ISIS source code version control system. From there the changes will be included in a future release of ISIS. For Question issues, Closed is the end of the discussion.


A status of "Feedback" is used by the Support Team to request additional information from the author. The author should reply to the request using the Notes.

Expectations: The author should respond to the request as soon as is reasonable. If the Support Team does not receive a response the issue may be Rejected or Closed.


If an issue can not be resolved for some reason the status will be set to "Rejected". Examples may include:
** The issue can not be repeated
** The issue has been resolved in a newer version of ISIS
** Additional information was requested, but no answer was received within two weeks

Expectations: When an issue is rejected a note will be added to the issue indicating why it was rejected.