Isis3.5.1 VM

This is a VirtualBox VM for the isis3.5.1 stable release.
This VM runs the CentOS 7 operating system with a GNOME window manager.

Installing the VM

Please see VirtualBox_Installation_Guide if you have not yet installed VirtualBox on your system.

First download the VM (see "Downloads").

Open VirtualBox and check your Default Machine Folder (this is where VirtualBox will look for VMs)

  • File -> General -> Default Machine Folder

Extract the downloaded file.

In VirtualBox, add the VM:

  • Machine -> Add...
  • Select the isis3.5.1-CentOS-7.vbox file


The default user account has been set up as winston (password winston).
This user account has sudo privileges (meaning you can manage the system by adding "sudo" before the command and typing password, "winston").
The hostname has been set up as athena.

Inside of the home directory (/home/winston), there is a README file with more information about the VM.

Once you have installed the VM, you can run isis3.5.1 applications by opening a terminal (e.g. run qview).


Note that the VM is in an compressed zip file, you will need to extract it. Windows and macOS should natively support extracting zip files.

You can obtain the VM from the following ftp server:

Using curl

curl -O -J
curl -O -J

Using wget