Life Cycle of an ISIS Issue

Communications are at the root of resolving issues posted to ISIS issue tracker. When you post a new issue, please watch the issue for status changes, questions, and requests for test data. Once work begins you may be asked additional questions by the support team.

  • I need to report an issue about ISIS, where do I start?
  • I've created a ticket on the ISIS issue tracking system. when will it be addressed?
  • The ISIS Support Team will see your new issue and review it for clarity and content. Once the issue contains all the necessary information, the team will change the Issue Status to Acknowledged.
  • When an ISIS Support Team member is available to work on your issue, the status will be changed to Assigned
  • When work actually begins on your issue, the support person will change the status to In Progress
  • A post will be added to the "Changes to ISIS forum" to let interested people know the ticket is being addressed.
  • If additional information is required the support person will add a note to the issue and set the status to Feedback. Note: If there is no reply from the author within two weeks the issue may be rejected.
  • Once the developer understands the problem well enough they will modify the Impact Statement field of your issue with a description of what fixing the issue will effect. They may have to ask you questions or get data from you to reproduce the problem or answer the question, so watch the notes section of your issue for any changes.
  • The support team will then work on a resolution to your issue. It is difficult for an external author to test bug fixes and new features without access to the modified version of ISIS; therefore, we will have an internal tester work with the author and the developer to come to an agreement about the resolution. Once they believe they have a resolution they will change the status of the issue to Resolved or Rejected. It is now up to the author/tester to decide if the resolution or reason for rejection is appropriate.
    • If the author/tester agree with the resolution one of them will change the status to Closed
    • If the author/tester agree with the reason for rejection one of them will add a note indicating agreement.
    • If the author/tester does not agree with the resolution or rejection, an explanation needs to be added to the notes of the issue, and the developer will respond.
    • If the author does not respond within two weeks of the issue being resolve the tester will make the decision to close the issue or accept the rejection.
  • Once an issue is closed, any software code changes will be checked into the source code revision system and made available in a future release of ISIS.