Working with Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter MiniRF Data

ISIS3 Processing of MiniRF S-zoom data

S-Zoom (LSZ)

Data Acquisition

Data Ingestion

* Both the .LBL and .IMG must be in the same directory together
* The LBL and IMG extensions must be in upper or lower case consistent with each other (.LBL/.IMG or .lbl/.img).

Example command:

mrf2isis from=LSZ_04485_1CD_XKU_87S205_V1.LBL to=LSZ_04485_1CD_XKU_87S205_V1_lev1.cub

The application spiceinit will add the appropriate SPICE information to the ISIS3 image cube. Successful spiceinit allows for further geometric processing of the data.

spiceinit (Load NAIF SPICE kernels)

SPICE (Spacecraft & Planetary ephemeredes, Instrument C-matrix and Event kernels)

For the moon, ISIS3 currently defaults to the global LOLA for the local topographic shapemodel.

Example command:
Specify the "Smithed" SPK kernels for LRO (not a default in spiceinit)

spiceinit from=LSZ_04485_1CD_XKU_87S205_V1_lev1.cub spksmithed=true

Generate Stoke Parameter Images


fx f1=LSZ_04485_1CD_XKU_87S205_V1_lev1.cub+1  f2=LSZ_04485_1CD_XKU_87S205_V1_lev1.cub+2  
   equation="f1 + f2" 


fx f1=LSZ_04485_1CD_XKU_87S205_V1_lev1.cub+1  f2=LSZ_04485_1CD_XKU_87S205_V1_lev1.cub+2  
   equation="f1 - f2" 


fx f1=LSZ_04485_1CD_XKU_87S205_V1_lev1.cub+3 
   equation="f1 * 2.0" 


fx f1=LSZ_04485_1CD_XKU_87S205_V1_lev1.cub+4 
   equation="f1 * -2.0" 

Replace invalid pixels along the vertical edge beyond the lunar data for the S1 file

The output pixels will be replaced with NULL
Example Command:

mask from=LSZ_04485_1CD_XKU_87S205_V1_S1.cub to=LSZ_04485_1CD_XKU_87S205_V1_S1_NoZ.cub 
     min=-20.0 max=0.0 preserve=outside spixels=NULL

Stack the masked S1_NoZ output with S2, S3 and S4

Example Commands:

ls LSZ_04485_1CD_XKU_87S205_V1_S1_NoZ.cub > stack.lis
ls LSZ_04485_1CD_XKU_87S205_V1_S2.cub >> stack.lis
ls LSZ_04485_1CD_XKU_87S205_V1_S3.cub >> stack.lis
ls LSZ_04485_1CD_XKU_87S205_V1_S4.cub >> stack.lis

cubeit fromlist=stack.lis to=LSZ_04485_1CD_XKU_87S205_V1_STACK.cub

Replace invalid pixels for stacked S2, S3 and S4

The NULL values in the S1_NoZ will applied to the remaining bands

bandtrim from=LSZ_04485_1CD_XKU_87S205_V1_STACK.cub to=LSZ_04485_1CD_XKU_87S205_V1_STACK-TRIM.cub

Reduce the 4-band stacked, cleaned cube to approximately 15 meters/pixel (from the original 30 meters/pixel)

Reduce will average the input pixels which results in an improved output instead of specifying the reduced resolution within a map template for cam2map

reduce from=LSZ_04485_1CD_XKU_87S205_V1_STACK-TRIM.cub to=LSZ_04485_1CD_XKU_87S205_V1_STACK-TRIM_15m.cub 
       lscale=2 sscale=2

Create a maptemplate to map project the stacked and reduced file

Refer to: Learning_About_Map_Projections

Example map template for MiniRF (to apply on a polar image in this example):

Group = Mapping
CenterLongitude = 0.0
TargetName = MOON
EquatorialRadius = 1737400.0
PolarRadius = 1737400.0
LatitudeType = Planetocentric
LongitudeDirection = PositiveEast
LongitudeDomain = 360
PixelResolution = 14.806323449292
Scale = 2048.0
CenterLatitude = -90.0

Map project the stacked and reduced file

For a mosaic, remember to make sure all images are projected to the same projection, clat, clon and map scale/resolution.
For resolution, specify the scale in meters/pixel in cam2map.

Example cam2map command:

cam2map from=LSZ_04485_1CD_XKU_87S205_V1_STACK-TRIM_15m.cub to=LSZ_04485_1CD_XKU_87S205_V1_STACK-TRIM_15m_map.cub 
        pixres=camera resolution=2048 warpalgorithm=forwardpatch patchsize=5

To create a mosaic, refer to: Power Tip: Making Mosaics Learning_About_Map_Projections


Create an 8-bit CPR cube from the Stokes-1 and Stokes-4 bands of the stacked cube or the multi-band mosaic:

fx f1=LSZ_04485_1CD_XKU_87S205_V1_STACK-TRIM_15m_map.cub+1 
   equation="(f1-f2)/f1+f2)" mode=cubes