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04:50 PM ISIS Bug #5236 (Acknowledged): JunoCam Camera Model -- target SPICE + image still not always coincident
This report needs additional investigation; it's not clear if there's still an offset or if this is normal SPICE erro...
10:18 AM ISIS Bug #5235 (Acknowledged): Bugfixes and readability improvements for socetframesettings


11:33 AM ISIS Bug #5232 (In Progress): junocam2isis can hit the QT Open File Limit
If I run junocam2isis on a PDS EDR that happens to have somewhere around 96 framelets, I run into the following error...


05:55 PM ISIS Bug #5154: Map Projected, mosaiced JunoCam frames do not contain lighting geometry
Note: I understand that this capability was removed early in the development of ISIS3, when multi-frame or multi-CCD ...


10:53 AM ISIS Question #4028: Radiometric calibration for Galileo images: gllssical
Hi Ashley,
Did my instructions help? Can we close this issue?
10:48 AM ISIS Bug #5154 (Acknowledged): Map Projected, mosaiced JunoCam frames do not contain lighting geometry
When I mosaic map projected JunoCam frames into a single observation, the lighting geometry is lost. Since these imag...


03:44 PM ISIS Feature #5018 (Closed): JunoCam Camera Model
Please use this ticket to reference when writing JunoCam's camera model software.
03:43 PM ISIS Feature #5017 (Closed): Ingestion of JunoCam EDRs into ISIS3
There is not currently a JunoCam project to submit this ticket under. If that changes, please feel free to move this ...


09:14 AM ISIS Question #4907: hideal2pds fails on images with AlphaCube group in label
Hi Audrie,
The ISIS3 (and most) FFTs require an image with power of 2 dimensions. I wonder if you can test this on...


03:06 PM ISIS Bug #2258 (Closed): campt -- default allowoutside=TRUE is not being applied without including all...

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