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06:00 PM ISIS Bug #5235 (Acknowledged): Bugfixes and readability improvements for socetframesettings
Update to socetframesettings from O-Rex Team member.
**New it...


03:16 PM ISIS Recommendation #5211 (Feedback): maptemplate web needs update
There are a couple projections missing from the web page description for maptemplate.


11:44 AM ISIS Documentation #4917: mimap2isis - delete or update Kaguya MI MAP ingest application
If the application stays around it will need clarification for the documentation also. I am leaning toward the opinio...


08:52 AM Planetary GIS GIS Applications: RE: Unable to Mosaic the PDS MiniRF data around Cassini Crater
Did you happen to figure out your issue. I assume you are using ArcMap for the mosaic? Just as a guess you may need t...
08:47 AM Planetary GIS Planetary GIS Datasets: RE: HiRISE equirectangular projection in ArcMap
Just some notes which may help.
*>>Should I still use the fixjp2 program?*
Yes - this is still needed to swap t...


03:36 PM ISIS Feature #407 (Closed): shade appears to not be correctly adding shadows (ISIS v3.2.1)
hillshading is typically a local effect and has been fixed (ticket #4326). True shadow casting was not originally nee...


03:52 PM ISIS Question #5037: piece few new images to a generated mosaic image
in ArcMap you can run the tool "mosaic to new raster"


04:29 PM ISIS Bug #5036 (Acknowledged): issue handling of paths for detached files
We are using detached labels for MAP2 and have noticed an issue for handling paths. If you point to a label file that...


09:44 AM ISIS Documentation #4547 (Closed): documentation for pds2isis
Still can't attach anything here but here is a link to the current version to document the PDS/ISIS3 Pixel Offset res...


02:02 PM ISIS Feature #4887 (Closed): let users know when a PDS has needed a pixel referencing override.
I still recommend 1 and 3 from the list above but adding a comment to the cube history (2) sounds tough so we will sk...

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