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12:46 PM ISIS Feature #2150 (Closed): qnet - Add a find point ID option
It would be nice to have an option where you just find a pointid. This will be very helpful in finding the place you...
11:31 AM ISIS Crash #2149 (Closed): cnetref - fails with an error when selecting highest resolution
The program fails with "**PROGRAMMER ERROR** A valid intersection must be defined before computing the surface normal...


08:23 AM ISIS Bug #751 (Closed): handmos - not mosaicking file to output
The output file is being generated now.
Ella Mae


01:22 PM ISIS Bug #1735 (Closed): -help=parameter_name is case sensitive and it should not be
The command works on lower case now.


08:37 AM ISIS Crash #2070 (Closed): jigsaw - out of memory error when I set prop=yes
The error is occurring when I use a cluster script to submit jigsaw and only when I turn on error propagation. The o...


09:32 AM ISIS Crash #2070 (Closed): jigsaw - out of memory error when I set prop=yes
The jigsaw run works okay when "prop=no" but it fails when I set "prop=yes". I am submitting a cluster job, and the ...


12:44 PM ISIS Documentation #1622: crop - insufficient documentation or warning for the user to understand what...
The final edits have been applied. To view document use the following:
firefox /work/projects/isis/latest/m01622_...


08:46 AM ISIS Bug #2042 (Closed): jigsaw - incomplete reports
The test ran successfully and I got the output files I expected.


11:31 AM ISIS Bug #1932 (Closed): crop - failing on my test image that was created with map2map
The labels for the input file is incorrect. The EquatorialRadius should be larger than the PolarRadius.
Example o...
11:18 AM ISIS Bug #2042 (Closed): jigsaw - incomplete reports
I am running jigsaw on the cluster and the new network file was not created. There is an error reported in the log f...

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