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04:05 PM ISIS Crash #5238 (Acknowledged): spiceinit on Cassini rings data
I downloaded the first image on your list. After I ran 'vims2isis', I noticed that the TargetName in the Instrument ...
09:03 AM ISIS Bug #5236 (Acknowledged): JunoCam Camera Model -- target SPICE + image still not always coincident
06:46 AM ISIS Bug #5237 (Acknowledged): ROSOSIRIS2ISIS only imports small part of the attached PDS label
06:27 PM ISIS Bug #5106: ciss2isis - dealing with input saturated pixels
Thank you for looking into the low range values. It will have to remain NULL then.
I'm glad that HIS is possibl...


12:12 PM ISIS Bug #5148 (Feedback): automos - wierd behavior with incorrect user entered latitude and longitude...
automos now catches the obvious incorrectly entered min/max range order for both latitude and longitude. This avoids...
09:22 AM ISIS Bug #5232 (Acknowledged): junocam2isis can hit the QT Open File Limit
09:21 AM ISIS Bug #5233 (Acknowledged): automos - extra line when user enters range matching default calculated...


01:30 PM ISIS Bug #5148: automos - wierd behavior with incorrect user entered latitude and longitude range
Thank you! I will be able to test this tonight or first thing tomorrow morning.


09:35 PM ISIS Feature #5142 (Feedback): Auto resize the columns on qview's Advanced Tracking Tool
The behavior of the column size automatically adjusting to the width of the reported sample, line, pixel dn, lat, lon...
08:37 PM ISIS Bug #5143: qview Advanced Tracking Tool does not show up with the 1st line displayed
I have tested this fix on astrovm4. While I cannot reproduce the original issue exactly as described, this fix defin...

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