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  • ISIS 2 Ports (Manager, Developer, 2013-07-26)
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04:44 PM ISIS Bug #4089 (Assigned): getsn contains unreachable code


09:30 AM ISIS Bug #5223 (Resolved): M3 default kernels need to be removed from the data area
I've updated the database files for the M3 CK and SPK data areas. I expanded the time range by 0.2sec (i.e., 0.1sec b...
08:25 AM ISIS Feature #5272 (Feedback): Modify kerneldbgen for M3
Review Notes:
* Suggestion for short descriptions - Seconds to add/subtract to/from each end/start time in the kern...


11:30 AM ISIS Bug #4606 (In Progress): socetframesettings fails on Galileo SSI images
11:30 AM ISIS Bug #4606 (Assigned): socetframesettings fails on Galileo SSI images
10:50 AM ISIS Question #5162 (In Progress): 3.4.13 available for download?
10:49 AM ISIS Question #5162: 3.4.13 available for download?
Helen, 3.4.13 is no longer available or supported. If you really need it, we can create a special module and make it ...
10:38 AM ISIS Bug #5076 (Closed): Context menu in qmos does not always operate on the correct image
Closed for Marjorie
10:34 AM ISIS Bug #4736 (Closed): memory leak at Gui.cpp:58
Closed for John. Leak has been eliminated.
09:18 PM ISIS Bug #4606 (Acknowledged): socetframesettings fails on Galileo SSI images
#4741 has been resolved.

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