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Restoration of Mariner10 compress images

Overview Parameters Example 1


This application makes full images out of previously compressed images. Mar10restore will only run on previously compressed images. A previously compressed image is distinctive because it is 3/4s null data, with good data in a sort of checker board pattern. The compressed images may appear dark until zoomed in on. By removing noise and then averaging the good data, a decent image can be produced.

Mar10restore provides similar functionality to mar10clean, except for previously compressed images. The steps are, noise removal with noisefilter, averaging with lowpass, and a trim for bad data around the edges. Reseaus are lost, between the loss in the compression and the noise filtering, they are not visible or removed and so cannot be found, or directly removed. Mar10restore should be used in the same way mar10clean is used, it should only be run once and used before calibration.


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Travis Addair2009-06-10 Original version
Mackenzie Boyd2009-08-12 Added trim to pipeline, updated documentation, added example, added test
Mackenzie Boyd2010-08-03 Added to documentation, added check for Mariner10 image, fixed the spelling of my name in this change log.

Parameter Groups


Name Description
FROM Input file to be restored
TO Output cube


Name Description
REMOVE Remove intermediate files

Files: FROM


An input file which needs reconstruction.

Type cube
File Mode input
Filter *.cub
Close Window

Files: TO


Reconstructed cube without null data.

Type cube
File Mode output
Filter *.cub
Close Window

Options: REMOVE


Option to remove or leave intermediate cube files made by the application

Type boolean
Default TRUE
Close Window

Example 1

Input Mariner10 image to be restored


This image was originally transmitted compressed and now needs to be restored. Restoration is imperfect as only a quarter of the original data is present.

Command Line

mar10restore from=MVE_010.102.cub to=restored.cub
Arguments to input a Mariner10 image needing restoration

GUI Screenshot

mar10restore Gui

Example Gui

Screenshot of GUI with parameters filled in to with a Mariner10 cube needing restoration.

Input Image

Input Mariner10 image

Mariner10 image to be restored

Parameter Name: FROM

This image will have noise removed and will have the significant amount of null data filled in from the original data.

Output Image

Output restored image

Restored Mariner10 image

Parameter Name: TO

A restored image after noise removal and averaging to fill in null data.