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Import a PDS Cassini ISS image file into Isis

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This program will import a PDS Cassini ISS image file into an Isis cube. Some Cassini files available from PDS contain VICAR labels THIS PROGRAM ONLY ACCEPTS PDS LABELS. You must specify an input file which contains PDS labels. Note: Scientists indicate that zeros may be valid DN values for sky areas of CISS images, but missing pixels are also assigned a value of zero and there is no known way to distinguish them. Since the chance of a valid zero DN is so slight, ciss2isis will replace all zeros with Isis::Null.


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Parameter Groups


Name Description
FROM Input Detached PDS Cassini ISS image label file
TO Output Isis cube

Files: FROM


Use this parameter to select the Cassini PDS Image Label. The file must contain PDS labels for Cassini ISS data. This can be a detached label file with pointer to the cube data. NOTE: While we support most Cassini ISS Targets for ingestion, some of the smaller bodies do not currently have support for parameters such as their body radii. Therefore, spiceinit will fail when run on cubes created with these targets. The current list of these target bodies is : ANTHE, AEGAEON, BERGELMIR, BESTLA, ERRIAPO, ERRIAPUS, FORNJOT, GREIP, HATI, HYROKKIN, IJIRAQ, JARNSAXA, K07S4, KARI, KIVIUQ, LOGE, MUNDILFARI, NARVI, PAALIAQ, SIARNAQ, SKADI, SKATHI, SKOLL, SURTUR, SUTTUNG, SUTTUNGR, TARVOS, TARQEQ, THRYM, THRYMR, YMIR.

Type filename
File Mode input
Filter *.lbl *.LBL

Files: TO


Use this parameter to select the output filename NOTE: The following TARGET_NAMEs will be translated to 'Sky' in the output cube's PVL: SKY, DARK SKY, S8_2004, S12_2004, S13_2004, S14_2004, S18_2004.

Type cube
File Mode output
Filter *.cub


Example 1

Using ciss2isis


The use of ciss2isis to ingest PDS images and output Isis cubes.

Command Line

ciss2isis from= N1472853667_1.LBL to= N1472853667_1.cub
This example shows the use of ciss2isis create an Isis cube from a PDS image.

GUI Screenshot

ciss2isis gui

Example GUI

Screenshot of the GUI with parameters

Data Files

Input PDS label file. This is the detatched label from PDS
Output cube label This is the label from the output cube showing th Instrument, BandBin, and Kernels Keywords imported and the ISS Prefix Pixels Table added.

Output Image

The cube image after conversion

Final output image after the conversion

Parameter Name: TO

Converts from PDS format to a Isis cube.


Jeff Anderson2004-02-06 Original version
Steven Koechle2007-05-24 Removed Vicar Support. Added PDS Cassini ISS support.
Steven Koechle2007-06-12 Added Example Fixed certain label groups being written to Root
Steven Koechle2007-06-28 Removed unused variables, added StopTime to translation table
Christopher Austin2008-03-18 Checks if input file is rdr.
Jeannie Walldren2008-08-25 Modified application to save off binary file header and compute read out order, to save off line prefix data of overclocked pixels with the appropriate overclock average into a table, and to convert compressed 8bit images to 16bit using a look-up table. Added keywords, with units where appropriate, to labels.
Jeannie Walldren2008-08-28 Modified to allow import of images with BandBin filter combinations not found or commented out in the translation *.def files. Previously, this circumstance stopped the program and threw an exception. Application now outputs a warning to the log but still creates the cube.
Jeannie Walldren2008-11-05 Modified FixDns method and updated documentation.
Jeannie Walldren2009-05-27 Modified to convert BiasStripMean value back to 12-bit using look up table for images with DataConversionType of Table. Updated documentation in ciss2isis.cpp
Christopher Austin2010-01-08 Fixed the reading of Pvl labels twice.
Sharmila Prasad2010-12-08 Removed traling 'Z' for Start, Stop and Image Time Pds labels
Tracie Sucharski2012-05-04 Added error message when input image does not contain Pds labels.
Christopher Combs2018-01-30 Changed documentation to reflect newly added and unsupported target names in translation files. Fixes #4970.