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Import PDS formatted Dawn FC EDR or RDR image cube into Isis format cube



This application will import a PDS formatted Dawn Framing Camera (FC) level 1 (EDR) or level 2 (RDR) radiometrically calibrated image into an Isis cube. The resulting cube ("TO" parameter) will function properly in other ISIS cartographic software such as "spiceinit" and "cam2map". The Dawn FC EDRs and RDRs will be available for download from the PDS Small Bodies Node at http://pdssbn.astro.umd.edu/.

Although allowed in PDS standards, Dawn EDR and RDR files are arranged in a rarely used spatial storage order. That is, the bottom line of the image is stored first within the image array object contained in the PDS file. This application modifies the arrangement by reversing the line storage order in the output cube; however, be aware that other non-ISIS software may not apply the reversal. Therefore a Dawn image may appear to be flipped from top-to-bottom when comparing to ISIS cubes.

Please note that ancillary Dawn PDS products such as mosaics or other map projected RDRs should not be used as input to this program. Instead use the general "pds2isis" program.


Parameter Groups


Name Description
FROM Select a PDS Dawn EDR or RDR file
TO Output Isis cube


Name Description
TARGETProvide target name if it needs to be changed

Files: FROM


Use this parameter to select an existing Dawn EDR or RDR filename. This file must contain the PDS labels. The program will apply a sanity check to make sure the labels match the expected Dawn PDS format and report a user error if they are unacceptable.

Type filename
File Mode input
Filter *.img *.IMG

Files: TO


Use this parameter to define the output ISIS cube filename

Type cube
File Mode output
Filter *.cub

Parameters: TARGET


In order for ISIS cartographic applications to properly function a TARGET_NAME keyword and value must be present in the source PDS labels. During the cruise phase of the Dawn mission, preliminary versions of the Dawn PDS EDRs and RDRs at times did not contain the TARGET_NAME or it was left blank. This parameter allows the user to correct that oversight by providing "MARS" or "VESTA" as the parameter value. Also, star observations were made and recorded in the TARGET_NAME. The various star names are not recognized by ISIS and this application will produce an unknown target error message. If you plan to use some of the ISIS sky projection programs such as "skymap" or "skypt" you can set the this parameter to "SKY".

If this parameter is not provided it will use the value in the PDS labels given by TARGET_NAME.

Type string
Internal Default Label Value


Janet Barrett2010-03-10 Original version
Janet Barrett2010-04-15 The program now automatically flips the image in the line direction.
Sharmila Prasad2011-01-21 Changed the category
Kris Becker2011-03-14 Removed tests on HorizontalPixelScale and VerticalPixelScale; Added optional TARGET parameter to allow TargetName specification.
Jeff Anderson2011-07-26 Changed the program to write the NaifFrameCode in the labels to include the filter number. This was done because the Dawn FC team provided a new instrument kernel (IK) with band dependent focal lengths and optical distortion parameters. The camera model then uses this update label keyword to read the correct camera parameters.
Jeff Andersoni and Chris Isbell2011-10-05 Improved the user documentation