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Import a Galileo solid state imager (SSI) image EDR into Isis cube format



Converts a PDS formatted Galileo solid state imager (SSI) image EDR into an Isis Cube. The required instrument labels will be propagated into the instrument group. The user must choose an input image label, output cube name, and frame mode, or summing mode. Galileo SSI images have a summing mode of FULL (800 x 800 pixels) or SUMMED (400 x 400 pixels).

Note: For the I24 encounter (found in volume go_0022), many Galileo SSI images of Io were originally "garbled". These images were reconstructed and released with the filename ####s where ####r is the name of the original garbled file and #### is the last four digits of the SPACECRAFT_CLOCK_START_COUNT. These images will have Most of the original images were 400 x 400 (i.e. SUMMED). However, the reconstructed files are 800 x 800 and must be imported as FULL to get the entire image. If the user imports a reconstructed image with FRAMEMODE = AUTO, it will be treated as a FULL image, even if the original was SUMMED.


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Parameter Groups


Name Description
FROM Input PDS Galileo SSI file
TO Output Isis cube


Name Description
FRAMEMODESumming mode of the input image

Files: FROM


Use this parameter to select the PDS filename. This file must contain the PDS labels, however the image data can be detached and will be automatically obtained from the PDS image pointer keyword.

Type filename
File Mode input
Filter *.lbl *.LBL

Files: TO


Use this parameter to select the output filename

Type cube
File Mode output
Filter *.cub



Summing mode of the input image. The user may specify the summing mode or choose to allow the program to determine this.

Type string
Default AUTO
Option List:
Option Brief Description
AUTOAutomatically Detect This will attempt to automatically detect the summing mode of the input image based on the DATA_SET_ID and/or FRAME_DURATION keyword values from the input image labels.
SUMMEDThe image is summed This will treat the input image as if it has a summing mode of 2 in both the sample and line direction.
FULLThe image is not summed This will treat the input image as if it has no summing.


Example 1

Cube imported with defaults


This example shows how to import Galileo SSI image to ISIS 3.

Command Line

gllssi2isis from=../IN/input.lbl to=../OUT/output.cub
Run the gllssi2isis application with defaults

GUI Screenshot

Gllssi2isis GUI using defaults.

Example GUI

Screenshot of GUI with parameters filled in to perform the gllssi2isis application. Input label and output cubes are always required. The FRAMEMODE radio button AUTO is chosen as default.

Data File

Input label Copy of the labels of the input image

Output Image

Output cube imported with defaults

Output image

Parameter Name: TO

Output image after gllssi2isis has imported it to ISIS.


Janet Barrett2002-02-25 Original version
Robert Sucharski2005-12-30 Converted to Isis 3.0
Steven Koechle2007-10-30 Added Summing Keyword. Moved most hardcoded translations into a translation table. Modified tests to check the lables. Removed ImageID keyword.
Steven Lambright2007-12-31 Removed the hard coded Instrument Mode ID keyword translation.
Steven Lambright2007-01-08 Added summing options. Output summed images will now only be a quarter of the size for calibration (the upper-left data in the input is preserved).
Christopher Austin2008-03-18 Checks if input file is rdr.
Steven Lambright2008-05-13 Removed references to CubeInfo.
Jeannie Walldren2009-06-08 Added valid DATA_SET_ID value for reconstructed images (i.e. value contains "SSI-4-REDR-V1.0"). Modified code to set as FULL summing mode if FRAMEMODE=AUTO and the image is reconstructed.
Tyler Wilson2015-10-02 Added the fixPvl function that fixes Pvl files from orbit I24 which have a comment tag that is not closed off. Also a new test pvlFix to test this change. #Ref 2344.
Jesse Mapel2016-04-26 Changed documentation to have the correct link to the Planetary Science Data Dictionary Document. Fixes #3867
Adam Paquette2019-04-16 Fixed original label not being written to cubes ingested using the summed option. Fixes #3207