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Correct jitter in input cubes and output corrected undistorted cubes



     This application computes angular corrections from pixel offsets in the
     input jitter file and applies the corrections to the undistorted output 
     cube.  This application is procedural in that it runs other applications.
     It runs through a series of applications twice.  The first time it applies 
     the jitter corrections and calculates additional pitch rate and yaw angles 
     to center the remaining camera pointing errors around zero.  The output 
     cube files are deleted and the series of applications is run again, 
     including the additional pitch rate and yaw corrections.

     The first step it performs is to run spiceinit on all the FROMLIST cubes 
     with the parameter attach=no.  A version of the MASTER file is saved and 
     run through the application spicefit to remove noise in the camera 
     pointing.  This file will be used in the noproj runs as the match cube.  
     The next application run is appjit and it needs to load the Spice from the 
     files directly in order have access to Spice information not typically 
     stored on the Isis cube labels. This application applies the corrections 
     from the JITTER file to the camera pointing in the FROMLIST cubes.  Now the 
     FROMLIST cubes are run through noproj, removing the jitter from the pixel 
     positions and the camera distortion.  The results are measured on adjacent
     ccd's by the application hijitreg and used to compute the additional pitch 
     rate and yaw required to center the errors around zero.  

     Now the procedure is repeated with the calculated pitch and yaw passed into 
     appjit as input parameters.  The jitter-reduced and distortion-free output 
     cubes are created by the final set of noproj runs on adjacent ccd's. 

     If crop=true then the application crops the extended portion of the   
     image. The starting line and number of lines parameter for crop 
     application is calculated from the ephemeris time in the  jitter  
     correction file. LineRate is used to get the starting and ending line 


Parameter Groups

Input Files

Name Description
FROMLIST Cubes to correct
JITTER Ascii table of pixel offsets representing jitter for a given time
REGDEF The Auto Registration template used in hijitreg
TOLIST The list of the corrected undistorted cubes to be created


Name Description
MASTER The file to use as the MASTER
DEGREE The degree of fit used in appjit
JITTERCK Optional jittery ck file for using to correct spice"
CROP Crop the top and bottom extending portion of the image

Input Files: FROMLIST


This file is a list of the file specifications for the input cubes all from the save observation and containing pointing errors due to jitter modeled by the pixel offsets in the JITTER file. The list should be in ascending order, by CCD. Each CCD in the list must have at least one overlapping CCD.

Type filename
File Mode input
Filter *.lis *.txt

Input Files: JITTER


The file specification of the Ascii table of pixel offsets modeling the jitter errors in the camera pointing based on time. The table has three columns: sampleOffset, lineOffset, and ephemerisTimeSeconds.

Type filename
File Mode input
Filter *.txt

Input Files: REGDEF


The registration template for correlating the overlapping input cubes of the observation. See hijitreg for more information.

Type filename
File Mode input
Filter *.txt *.def

Input Files: TOLIST


This list of output files should contain a file to correspond to each input file. The output files will have both the jitter removed, as modeled in the input JITTER file, and camera distortions by the application noproj. The MASTER file with its camera pointing adjusted by the application spicefit, will be used as the MATCH file in noproj

Type filename
File Mode output
Internal Default Automatic

Options: MASTER


The application appjit applies the jitter corrections to the camera pointing in the MASTER file first and then copies it to the other files in the FROMLIST. The MASTER file is also used as the MATCH file in the application NOPROJ

Type integer
Default 5
Minimum 0 (inclusive)
Maximum 13 (inclusive)

Options: DEGREE


Enter the degree of the polynomial to fit to the data

Type integer
Default 2



Optionally enter the name of an output Naif ck containing the jittery pointing data. This ck can be used in spiceinit as the csmithed camera pointing to get correct pointing on mission cubes (not noproj'd). The default is to not create the jittery ck.

Type filename
Internal Default None

Options: CROP


Crop the top and bottom extending portion of CCDs in the image using the jitter file's first and last non zero corrections. This option when enabled removes the lines at the beginning and end of the image as determined by the jitter file

Type boolean
Default false


Steven Lambright2008-12-17 Original Version
Debbie A. Cook2009-01-14 Added documentation
Jai Rideout2011-08-04 Made a small modification to the code in FindRed(...) that created a Pvl object for each file in the file list. FileList's overloaded '[]' operator that was used inside of the call to Filename's constructor confused the compiler on Ubuntu 10.04 systems.
Debbie A. Cook2011-08-15 Added an option to run ckwriter to create a ck with jitter for correcting image geometry.
Debbie A. Cook2011-12-21 Fixed the loop that calculated pitch to only loop the number of overlaps (count).
Sharmila Prasad2011-12-27 Added an option to crop the extended portion of the image using the jitter correction file
Sharmila Prasad2012-02-05 Crop option false by default
Debbie A. Cook2012-07-06 Updated Spice members to be more compliant with Isis standards. References #972.
Jeannie Backer2012-11-21 Modified to work with IR and BG ccd images. Fixed bug with computation of yaw and pitch. Fixes #795.