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Import a Themis IR/VIS RDR or EDR



Converts a Themis VIS or IR PDS spectral cube into an Isis Cube. The Themis IR cube will automatically be converted to 32-bit floating point unless the user specifies differently by modifying the output files attributes. This is done to accommodate different core/base multiplier values for each band. The output for an ingested Themis VIS cube will be two files, one consisting of even framlets and the other of odd framelets. These framelet files will have the name of the TO parameter with ".even" and ".odd" inserted prior to the ".cub" extension. For example, if the TO parameter was out.cub, the even framelet file of the output would be named out.even.cub.


Parameter Groups


Name Description
FROM Input PDS Themis EDR/RDR file
TO Output Isis cube


Name Description
TIMEOFFSET Time offset to the spacecraft clock count

Files: FROM


Must contain a valid Themis EDR or a Themis RDR which has only been through radiometric calibration.

Type filename
File Mode input
Filter *.imq *.img *.QUB

Files: TO


The name of the output Isis cube. If the input cube is a VIS image, the output file will have a ".even" and ".odd" inserted in the output name prior to the ".cub" extension.

Type cube
File Mode output
Filter *.cub



The software assumes that the SCLK (spacecraft clock) recorded for an IR image is the time at which the first detector frame readout occurs. Apparently, the actual first readout can be delayed from this by the following amounts:

8 microseconds - PACI write 
0 to 1/30 sec - delay of the image acquisition after receipt of the command 
0 to 0.1 sec - delay for the command sending by the HPP code so that it is aligned on a 0.1 second boundary 
Currently, the software ignores these three because the 8 microseconds is a negligible fraction of the 1/30 second line rate and the other two are (apparently) variable and unknowable. However, this can result in an incorrect absolute position of as much as four pixels. Similar timing uncertainties probably are applicable to the VIS images. The effect of these timing uncertainties is primarily to potentially introduce errors in absolute coordinates in the along-track direction. This in turn can result in misalignment when mosaicking multiple observations together. The TIMEOFFSET parameter on "thm2isis" allows the user to apply a correction for this time delay, which can thus improve absolute coordinate accuracy and improve mosaic alignments. This offset is stored in the Instrument group of the output Isis cube as SpacecraftClockOffset.

Type double
Default 0.0


Example 1

Importing a Themis Vis EDR


This program imports both Themis VIS and Themis IR images. Themis VIS images are split into even and odd files.

Command Line

thm2isis from=V04860003EDR.QUB to=V04860003EDR
This is how to run thm2isis on any themis EDR/RDR

GUI Screenshot

Running thm2isis

The GUI when running this program

This is what the interface looks like when you run this program.

Input Image


The input EDR V04860003EDR

This is the input raw data

Output Images

Output Isis Cube (odd)

The output odd themis vis cube

This is the odd framelets output cube "V04860003EDR.odd.cub"

Output Isis Cube (even)

The output even themis vis cube

This is the even framelets output cube "V04860003EDR.even.cub"


Janet Barrett2002-02-25 Original version
Jeff Anderson2004-01-30 Converted to Isis 3.0
Jeff Anderson2004-02-16 Added AlphaCube keywords
Elizabeth Ribelin2005-06-28 Added visual image processing and framelet extraction option
Elizabeth Miller2006-01-04 Added Frames keyword to framelet labels for the ThemisVis Camera model
Elizabeth Miller2006-01-09 Modified AppTest to remove framelet files
Elizabeth Miller2006-04-14 Removed Framelets option, it always creates them now
Stuart Sides2006-06-09 Removed the ReleaseId keyword from the archive group
Elizabeth Miller2006-08-08 Modified VIS processing portion to no longer call crop and editlab, but to split the frames apart in the application itself. This helps increase the speed of the application
Elizabeth Miller2006-09-15 Fixed bugs with pathname and extensions of filenames in the VIS processing
Elizabeth Miller2007-02-20 Changed OriginalLabel name to IsisCube
Jeff Anderson2007-07-13 Transfered SpatialSumming parameter for IR camera
Christopher Austin2008-03-18 Checks if input file is rdr.
Steven Lambright2008-05-13 Removed references to CubeInfo
Steven Lambright2008-09-18 The original labels are now being preserved in the Isis 3 cube
Lynn Weller2012-05-08 Updated documentation text.
Ian Humphrey2014-05-16 Added history to output cubes. Fixes #1683.
Jeannie Backer2014-04-17 Added BAND_BIN_BAND_NUMBER keyword to the BandBin group of the imported cube, named BandNumber. Fixes #1659.