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Outputs a PVL file that contains camera information.

Overview Parameters


This program compiles and outputs various spacecraft and instrument-related information such as geometric, polygon, and mapping information.

The user must supply a Level1 cube. If the supplied cube does not have SPICE information associated with it, then caminfo can be used to generate the SPICE information by running the spiceinit program on the cube. Caminfo will not run spiceinit by default. If the input cube already has SPICE information associated with it, then any user updates to the SPICE information will be lost when the option to run spiceinit is chosen. This results from using system defaults when running the spiceinit program from within caminfo.

Some information in the output PVL file will consist of a compilation of information for all the bands in the cube and will be listed in the "Common" object of the PVL. Other information for a given band will be placed in the "BandSet" object of the PVL. The user can select the check boxes to control the information that will be output to the PVL file. If the POLYGON or USELABEL option is chosen, the image polygon is output in Well-Known Text format (WKT).

The output file can be in PVL or CSV (Comma Separated Value) format. The "APPEND" option allows the new generated information to be appended to the output file. This is especially useful for CSV file format. If the CSV format is chosen, only Camstats, Statistics and Geometry options are allowed. Isis Label, Original Label and Polygon options are disabled for CSV format.

The following is an example of caminfo output generated when in PVL format:

Object = Caminfo
  Object = Parameters
    Program     = caminfo
    IsisVersion = "6.0.0  | 2021-11-08"
    RunDate     = 2021-11-08T16:03:25
    IsisId      = Viking1/VISB/33322515
    From        = default.cub
    Lines       = 1056
    Samples     = 1204
    Bands       = 1

  Object = Camstats
    MinimumLatitude                          = 9.9286479874788
    MaximumLatitude                          = 10.434709753119
    MinimumLongitude                         = 255.64554871862
    MaximumLongitude                         = 256.14606952525
    MinimumResolution                        = 18.840683425668
    MaximumResolution                        = 18.985953877822
    MinimumPhase                             = 79.756143590222
    MaximumPhase                             = 81.304900313013
    MinimumEmission                          = 10.798462835458
    MaximumEmission                          = 13.502630463571
    MinimumIncidence                         = 69.941096124192
    MaximumIncidence                         = 70.311944975377
    LocalTimeMinimum                         = 7.7698055422189
    LocalTimeMaximum                         = 7.8031735959943
    ObliqueResolutionMinimum                 = 19.180671135452
    ObliqueResolutionMaximum                 = 19.525658668048
    LatitudeMinimum                          = 9.9286479874788
    LatitudeMaximum                          = 10.434709753119
    LatitudeAverage                          = 10.181983206084
    LatitudeStandardDeviation                = 0.11084102743244
    LongitudeMinimum                         = 255.64554871862
    LongitudeMaximum                         = 256.14606952525
    LongitudeAverage                         = 255.89390491018
    LongitudeStandardDeviation               = 0.10658330458136
    SampleResolutionMinimum                  = 18.840683425668
    SampleResolutionMaximum                  = 18.985953877822
    SampleResolutionAverage                  = 18.90816559308
    SampleResolutionStandardDeviation        = 0.03806000717263
    LineResolutionMinimum                    = 18.840683425668
    LineResolutionMaximum                    = 18.985953877822
    LineResolutionAverage                    = 18.90816559308
    LineResolutionStandardDeviation          = 0.03806000717263
    ResolutionMinimum                        = 18.840683425668
    ResolutionMaximum                        = 18.985953877822
    ResolutionAverage                        = 18.90816559308
    ResolutionStandardDeviation              = 0.03806000717263
    ObliqueSampleResolutionMinimum           = 19.180671135452
    ObliqueSampleResolutionMaximum           = 19.525658668048
    ObliqueSampleResolutionAverage           = 19.342626220123
    ObliqueSampleResolutionStandardDeviation = 0.078013435023247
    ObliqueLineResolutionMinimum             = 19.180671135452
    ObliqueLineResolutionMaximum             = 19.525658668048
    ObliqueLineResolutionAverage             = 19.342626220123
    ObliqueLineResolutionStandardDeviation   = 0.078013435023247
    ObliqueResolutionMinimum                 = 19.180671135452
    ObliqueResolutionMaximum                 = 19.525658668048
    ObliqueResolutionAverage                 = 19.342626220123
    ObliqueResolutionStandardDeviation       = 0.078013435023247
    AspectRatioMinimum                       = 1.0
    AspectRatioMaximun                       = 1.0
    AspectRatioAverage                       = 1.0
    AspectRatioStandardDeviation             = 0.0
    PhaseMinimum                             = 79.756143590222
    PhaseMaximum                             = 81.304900313013
    PhaseAverage                             = 80.529097153288
    PhaseStandardDeviation                   = 0.44420861263609
    EmissionMinimum                          = 10.798462835458
    EmissionMaximum                          = 13.502630463571
    EmissionAverage                          = 12.15148695101
    EmissionStandardDeviation                = 0.56543791358687
    IncidenceMinimum                         = 69.941096124192
    IncidenceMaximum                         = 70.311944975377
    IncidenceAverage                         = 70.127459134075
    IncidenceStandardDeviation               = 0.10249039126455
    LocalSolarTimeMinimum                    = 7.7698055422189
    LocalSolarTimeMaximum                    = 7.8031735959943
    LocalSolarTimeAverage                    = 7.7863626216564
    LocalSolarTimeStandardDeviation          = 0.0071055546192044
    LocalRadiusMinimum                       = 3410663.3374636
    LocalRadiusMaximum                       = 3413492.0662692
    LocalRadiusAverage                       = 3412205.8144925
    LocalRadiusStandardDeviation             = 648.57630709534
    NorthAzimuthMinimum                      = 312.29940658864
    NorthAzimuthMaximum                      = 350.59781250672
    NorthAzimuthAverage                      = 332.96766151063
    NorthAzimuthStandardDeviation            = 0.67383189481403
  Object = Statistics
    MeanValue         = 127.49950846428
    StandardDeviation = 73.322672255332
    MinimumValue      = 1.0
    MaximumValue      = 254.0
    PercentHIS        = 0.0
    PercentHRS        = 0.0
    PercentLIS        = 0.0
    PercentLRS        = 0.0
    PercentNull       = 0.39208006141146
    TotalPixels       = 1271424.0

  Object = Geometry
    BandsUsed                  = 1
    ReferenceBand              = 1
    OriginalBand               = 1
    Target                     = MARS
    StartTime                  = 1977-07-09T20:05:51.5549999
    EndTime                    = 1977-07-09T20:05:51.5549999
    CenterLine                 = 528.0
    CenterSample               = 602.0
    CenterLatitude             = 10.181441241544
    CenterLongitude            = 255.89292858176
    CenterRadius               = 3412288.6569795
    RightAscension             = 310.2070335306
    Declination                = -46.327246785573
    UpperLeftLongitude         = 255.64554871862
    UpperLeftLatitude          = 10.086794246642
    LowerLeftLongitude         = 255.9665140608
    LowerLeftLatitude          = 9.9286479874788
    LowerRightLongitude        = 256.14606952525
    LowerRightLatitude         = 10.279980559326
    UpperRightLongitude        = 255.82316035995
    UpperRightLatitude         = 10.434709753119
    PhaseAngle                 = 80.528381932125
    EmissionAngle              = 12.133564327344
    IncidenceAngle             = 70.127983116628
    NorthAzimuth               = 332.65918495755
    OffNadir                   = 9.9273765143684
    SolarLongitude             = 294.73518830595
    LocalTime                  = 7.7862975330952
    TargetCenterDistance       = 4160.7294345949
    SlantDistance              = 762.37204454685
    SampleResolution           = 18.904248467739
    LineResolution             = 18.904248467739
    PixelResolution            = 18.904248467739
    MeanGroundResolution       = 18.913336783207
    SubSolarAzimuth            = 92.033828158995
    SubSolarGroundAzimuth      = 118.87356333938
    SubSolarLatitude           = -22.740326163641
    SubSolarLongitude          = 319.09846558533
    SubSpacecraftAzimuth       = 240.08514246484
    SubSpacecraftGroundAzimuth = 267.5318718687
    SubSpacecraftLatitude      = 10.078847382918
    SubSpacecraftLongitude     = 253.65422317887
    ParallaxX                  = 0.0092584344626292
    ParallaxY                  = -0.21479478922806
    ShadowX                    = 1.3359751287274
    ShadowY                    = 2.4227562280136
    HasLongitudeBoundary       = FALSE
    HasNorthPole               = FALSE
    HasSouthPole               = FALSE
    ObliqueSampleResolution    = 19.336214219327
    ObliqueLineResolution      = 19.336214219327
    ObliquePixelResolution     = 19.336214219327
    ObliqueDetectorResolution  = 19.336214219327

  Object = Polygon
    CentroidLine      = 532.66229285952
    CentroidSample    = 607.53672501071
    CentroidLatitude  = 10.182356969859
    CentroidLongitude = 255.89519621876
    CentroidRadius    = 3412287.9074048
    SurfaceArea       = 488.62348528983
    GlobalCoverage    = 3.34e-04
    SampleIncrement   = 100
    LineIncrement     = 100
    GisFootprint      = "MULTIPOLYGON (((255.6453583908695464
                         10.0867904619605451, 255.6595956593271808
                         10.1154635791014531, 255.6737985789073946
                         10.1442167552830451, 255.6881259667616746
                         10.1730800310205129, 255.7027887280425205
                         10.2020508692057152, 255.7175464122890958
                         10.2309373753062509, 255.7323280160563286
                         10.2598036242839878, 255.7471695983951463
                         10.2887800727178256, 255.7620066213459609
                         10.3177301971434758, 255.7771588010552364
                         10.3467436152087995, 255.7924323644433002
                         10.3757139048525477, 255.8075274901822809
                         10.4046456113999994, 255.8225576458768842
                         10.4339028570360366, 255.8232309017442674
                         10.4348585119487165, 255.8535629696708327
                         10.4205061458771606, 255.8842203998140121
                         10.4058889295564381, 255.9146926592250963
                         10.3911941292862764, 255.9448791821614861
                         10.3769097524926277, 255.9753755414272689
                         10.3618204978158026, 256.0059617087890729
                         10.3471682641369771, 256.0365409379967332
                         10.3326326218834055, 256.0673265067632087
                         10.3179152985589759, 256.0981249116282470
                         10.3034581806665066, 256.1290667758755148
                         10.2883581640098658, 256.1462671420772494
                         10.2799873531353612, 256.1313444916623325
                         10.2505255615226378, 256.1164688049674965
                         10.2211844686142967, 256.1015973558028804
                         10.1918949732268587, 256.0864534778274333
                         10.1626571600747884, 256.0716550668443006
                         10.1332939690604054, 256.0565706797236203
                         10.1038668950864672, 256.0413878221121422
                         10.0746328450545697, 256.0264747810802533
                         10.0452711724688157, 256.0113369395158998
                         10.0160982210436202, 255.9964691286714640
                         9.9870846040898869, 255.9818453002924059
                         9.9582018695888550, 255.9671085090266160
                         9.9294365117128915, 255.9664455687814666
                         9.9285018702230925, 255.9357798586855210
                         9.9434114437963252, 255.9050300094461079
                         9.9582188907694906, 255.8742299406974041
                         9.9731382004096076, 255.8438364438290193
                         9.9885593036033100, 255.8131996628023330
                         10.0033543110909680, 255.7829726827725949
                         10.0181299803242059, 255.7526929277649685
                         10.0329436706484874, 255.7222678124940103
                         10.0480687769201324, 255.6922853314939630
                         10.0632502943012838, 255.6620952745569184
                         10.0783572884044883, 255.6453583908695464

    Group = Mapping
      TargetName         = MARS
      EquatorialRadius   = 3396190.0
      PolarRadius        = 3376200.0
      LatitudeType       = Planetocentric
      LongitudeDirection = PositiveEast
      LongitudeDomain    = 360
      MinimumLatitude    = 9.9284293968724
      MaximumLatitude    = 10.434928853234
      MinimumLongitude   = 255.64532672113
      MaximumLongitude   = 256.14630113081
      PixelResolution    = 18.840630601657
      ProjectionName     = Sinusoidal
      CenterLongitude    = 255.89292858176

Output values that do not have a minimum/maximum range associated with them are calculated at the center of the image.

Definitions for most of the values output in the PVL file can be found in the ISIS documentation glossary including: SubSpacecraftLatitude, SubSpacecraftLongitude, SubSolarLatitude, SubSolarLongitude, NorthAzimuth, SpacecraftAzimuth, SubSolarAzimuth, ObliqueLineResolution, ObliqueSampleResolution, ObliquePixelResolution, and ObliqueDetectorResolution



Robert Sucharski2007-04-10 Original version
Steven Lambright2007-08-10 Added an application test
Steven Koechle2007-11-01 Fixed WKT calls
Tracie Sucharski2007-11-09 Remove ToWKT calls and PolygonTools.h inclusion. The geos package now has a method to return a WKT string, so the ToWKT method has been removed from the PolygonTools class.
Kris Becker2007-12-07 Made the following modifications: fixed typo in PercentNull and MaximumLongitude keywords; use the base file name for generation of temporary files to further ensure uniqueness; run camstats once if there is only one band - doubles execution speed for single band images when CAMSTATS option is used; substitute the NULL string for all special pixel values; added corner pixel keywords for PDS compatibility; added phase, emission, incidence angles and line and sample pixel resolution at the center pixel; added test for intersection of longitude domain, north and south poles and keywords that report them; added option to output ISIS cube labels; corrected computations for parallax and shadow keywords.
Kris Becker2007-12-19 Renamed the HasLongitudeDomain keyword to HasLongitudeBoundary. Makes more sense.
Kris Becker2008-02-27 Corrected method call to compute polygon with proper parameters as well as correct band number. Added code to better honor specific cube attributes (such as band numbers) in computations. Also will produce NULL valued keywords where NULLs are a produced instead of the real value for the ISIS NULL pixel value.
Steven Lambright2008-05-12 Removed references to CubeInfo
Bob Sucharski2008-07-31 Added Camera Test option to test for a valid camera at center of image and return an error and end if a valid camera cannot be created.
Kris Becker2008-09-22 Reworked the output PVL format; added more keywords to the Common object that indicate versions and dates; added more values to Geometry and Polygon object.
Kris Becker2008-10-22 Corrected generation of polygon for multi-band data. It created a POLYGON union instead of the required MULTIPOLYGON.
Kris Becker2008-10-30 The target center distance and subspacecraft latitude were not properly propagated to the output PVL file and consequently were invalid. This has been corrected.
Kris Becker2008-12-29 Added RightAscension, Declination, SubSolarGroundAzimuth, and SubSpacecraftGroundAzimuth computations; added center line/sample image coordinate used to compute center geometry; added check of valid image line/sample coordinates when testing for north/south poles (some camera models return valid states when coordinates are outside of image boundaries).
Kris Becker2009-02-26 Modified to actually exclude the unconditional computation of the image polygon to assist in some geometry values. It is no longer computed if the user does not select the POLYGON option. The implications of this are that some of the keywords in the output Geometry group are no longer ever relevant. These keywords were all moved to the Polygon group. These keywords are: CentroidLine, CentroidSample, CentroidLatitude, CentroidLongitude, CentroidRadius and SurfaceArea. User will no longer see these values if the POLYGON option is not selected. Also the Radius keyword in the Polygon group has been removed as it is redundant with CentroidRadius.
Kris Becker2009-05-29 Added PIXINC parameter to allow user to specify number of pixels to skip around the perimeter of the image to compute the polygon.
Kris Becker2009-05-29 Fixed bug where image was a 0 longitude boundary crosser. It would typically fail when determining centroid information unless converted to 180 domain. This will also be used at the poles as it seems to work better in the 180 domain as well. (This process projects the footprint to a Sinusoidal projection to determine area which requires an equal area projection, such as Sinusoidal.)
Kris Becker2009-07-08 Added the MAXEMISSION and MAXINCIDENCE limit parameters to better control limb and terminator polygon generation.
Kris Becker2009-08-24 Allow disabling of shape model use when constructing polygons that contain limbs.
Mackenzie Boyd2010-06-14 Removed polygon options group and placed the options within output options. Added inclusion for parameters related to polygons to only be available when polygons are selected. Made TO option not have a default of None, updated documentation and modified formatting.
Jai Rideout2011-02-17 Replaced PIXINC with POLYSINC and POLYLINC. Renamed SINC and LINC to STATSSINC and STATSLINC.
Sharmila Prasad2011-02-24 Added option for the output file to be in CSV format and also ability to append to the existing output file.
Jai Rideout2011-03-01 Renamed STATSSINC and STATSLINC back to SINC and LINC.
Sharmila Prasad2011-03-02 Fix App tests and add header for flat file if file does not exist.
Jai Rideout2011-03-03 Fixed incorrect CSV output format.
Christopher Austin2011-03-18 Rewrote the entire application to no longer have hard-coded values for CSV, including the removal of duplicated code, updated includes, and corrected the CSV to display the same values as the PVL does.
Christopher Austin2011-03-18 Added new parameters including FLATINC.
Christopher Austin2011-03-22 Changed the new parameter's names. (INCTYPE, NUMVERTICES)
Christopher Austin2011-05-12 Added smarts to the VERTICES option.
Travis Addair2011-07-27 Added INCREASEPRECISION option for creating an Image Polygon, the same one as used by "footprintinit".
Kris Becker2012-11-23 The computation of ParallaxX/ParallaxY and ShadowX/ShadowY values was not properly implemented. Updated documentation with a new example. Fixes #1296.
Janet Barrett2013-01-29 Added the USELABEL option. This will allow the user to request that the footprint be read from the labels of the input image file rather than regenerating the footprint. Fixes #1452.
Janet Richie2013-02-25 Reviewed documentation. References #1452.
Kaitlyn Lee2019-04-22 Added oblique sample, line, detector, and pixel resolutions to the geometry PVL group. Updated example output in application description so that the addded oblique elements are included. Fixes #2205.
Amy Stamile2021-08-18 Added the USECAMSTATSTBL option. This allows caminfo to extract existing camera statistics from the CameraStatistics Table of the input cube instead of recalculating CameraStatistics. Fixes #3605. Updated caminfo to output all CameraStatistics Keywords when running CAMSTATS.
Amy Stamile2021-11-04 Changed parameter default values for MAXEMISSION and MAXINCIDENCE to be synchronized with footprintinit default values of the same parameters. This corrects inconsistencies of footprint generation failing in caminfo but passing in footprintinit. Fixes #4651.
Adam Paquette2021-07-06 Updated CAMSTATS parameter decision tree to allow users to extract camstats even if the cube contains a camstats table. Fixes #4919.

Parameter Groups


Name Description
FROM Filename of a cube
TO Output PVL filename

General Output Options

Name Description
FORMATFormat type of Output file (FLAT or PVL)
APPENDAppend caminfo information to existing data file
GEOMETRY Include geometry information
ISISLABEL Include ISIS label
ORIGINALLABEL Include the original label
STATISTICS Include DN statistics
CAMSTATS Get camera statistics information
USECAMSTATSTBL Reads the camstats data from the input cube's CameraStatistics Table, if exists.
LINC LINC line increments for camstats
SINC SINC sample increments for camstats

Polygon Output Options

Name Description
USELABEL Get footprint blob from label
POLYGON Create polygon information
INCTYPE Polygon quality
INCREASEPRECISIONAllow automatic adjustments to fix invalid polygons
POLYLINC Polygon line increment
POLYSINC Polygon sample increment
NUMVERTICES Polygon steps
MAXEMISSION Maximum emission angle to include in polygon
MAXINCIDENCE Maximum incidence angle to include in polygon

SPICE Option

Name Description
SPICE Run spiceinit on the input

Camera Test

Name Description
VCAMERA Test image center for valid camera

Files: FROM


Input cube with appropriate camera labels (Instrument and kernel groups). This file must be in raw camera space, which is a "level 1" cube.

Type cube
File Mode input
Filter *.cub *.CUB
Close Window

Files: TO


A text file in label format (PVL) which will contain the results of this program. This file can be used in conjunction with the "getkey" program in order to pass the results to another program when developing scripts.

Type filename
File Mode output
Filter *.txt *.pvl
Close Window

General Output Options: FORMAT


Specify the Output format type, FLAT or PVL style.

Type string
Default PVL
Option List:
Option Brief Description
PVLCreate PVL output Caminfo data to be generated in PVL format
FLAT Create CSV output Caminfo data to be generated in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format


Close Window

General Output Options: APPEND


Append caminfo information to existing file. This will append the caminfo data to the filename specified for the TO parameter beginning at a new line.

Type boolean
Default false
Close Window

General Output Options: GEOMETRY


Get geometry information from the camera at the center of the image. These data are listed under the Geometry Object heading. The keyword/values contained therein are listed here:

Type boolean
Default TRUE
Close Window

General Output Options: ISISLABEL


This option will extract the ISIS label and write it to the output PVL file.

Type boolean
Default FALSE
Close Window

General Output Options: ORIGINALLABEL


Include the original labels of the cube in the PVL.

Type boolean
Default FALSE
Close Window

General Output Options: STATISTICS


Include DN statistics for all bands within the cube. These data are contained in the Statistics object. The keyword/values contained therein are:

Type boolean
Default FALSE
Close Window

General Output Options: CAMSTATS


Run camstats to get camera information that can be expressed as a range. Camstats will run on the entire cube (common object), and for each band (bandset object). The default linc and sinc for camstats is "1". The user can select a different linc and sinc. Output values are the same as camstats:

There are also duplicate output values included for backwards compatibility with old versions of caminfo:

Type boolean
Default FALSE
  • SINC
  • LINC
Close Window

General Output Options: USECAMSTATSTBL


This first checks if the CameraStatistics Table exists in input cube label and extracts statistics from table instead of running CAMSTATS. If table does not exist, caminfo will continue to run CAMSTATS.

Type boolean
Default FALSE
Close Window

General Output Options: LINC


This is the line increment used by camstats.

Type integer
Default 1
Minimum 1 (inclusive)
Close Window

General Output Options: SINC


This is the sample increment used by camstats.

Type integer
Default 1
Minimum 1 (inclusive)
Close Window

Polygon Output Options: USELABEL


Read the footprint blob from the image label instead of creating the footprint.

Type boolean
Default FALSE
Close Window

Polygon Output Options: POLYGON


Use the imagePolygon class to gather polygon information. The output polygon will be in well-known text format (WKT). These data are contained within the Polygon object. The keyword/values contained therein are:

Type boolean
Default FALSE
Close Window

Polygon Output Options: INCTYPE


When true, use NUMVERTICES to set an approximate number of steps for the footprint. Otherwise use POLYLINC and POLYSINC to create the polygon based on the dimensions of the cube.

Type string
Option List:
Option Brief Description
LINCSINC Use POLYLINC and POLYSINC for polygon quality Enable this option to use the number of samples and lines to skip around the perimeter of the image to compute the polygon footprint.


VERTICES Use NUMVERTICES for polygon quality Enable this option to use a total number of vertices around the perimeter of the image to compute the polygon footprint.


Close Window

Polygon Output Options: INCREASEPRECISION


Enabling this option will allow the automatic reduction of the SINC and LINC parameters whenever their current values result in an invalid polygon. In addition, a results group will be created with the keywords SINC/LINC which reveal what SINC/LINC values were actually used for the creation of the footprint. NOTE: This parameter can result in a drastic increase in running time as well as a change to user input values.

Type boolean
Default FALSE
Close Window

Polygon Output Options: POLYLINC


Specifies the number of lines to skip around the perimeter of the image to compute the polygon footprint. Note that currently, an increment of 1 will not work for pushframe instruments such as THEMIS-VIS.

Type integer
Internal Default 10% of the cube's total lines
Minimum 1 (inclusive)
Close Window

Polygon Output Options: POLYSINC


Specifies the number of samples to skip around the perimeter of the image to compute the polygon footprint. Note that currently, an increment of 1 will not work for pushframe instruments such as THEMIS-VIS.

Type integer
Internal Default 10% of the cube's total samples
Minimum 1 (inclusive)
Close Window

Polygon Output Options: NUMVERTICES


Specifies the approximate number of vertices (+/- 3) to take around the image to compute the polygon footprint. (In limb images, the number of steps can be much more or less than 3 off.) Note that currently, an increment of 4 or less will not work for pushframe instruments such as THEMIS-VIS.

Type integer
Default 40
Minimum 4 (inclusive)
Close Window

Polygon Output Options: MAXEMISSION


Specifies the maximum emission angle that a polygon point is allowed to have. Note: If needing to eliminate limb data that cause numerous ragged spikes, set MAXEMISSION=89.5. Limb data will generally result in odd polygon footprints as the geometry becomes unstable at the limb due to obliqueness particularly when using a DEM for the shape model (see spiceinit). Setting this parameter to 89.5 restricts the emission angle to create better behaved polygons at the limb while sacrificing some (very oblique) data.

Note: For images that have been run through spiceinit with a DEM, the emission angle range may need to be decreased. This will avoid the instability that occurs at the limb and will avoid spiking of the data.

Type double
Default 180.0
Close Window

Polygon Output Options: MAXINCIDENCE


Specifies the maximum incidence angle that a polygon point is allowed to have. Note: if needing to eliminate terminator data that will typically be lost in photometric corrections, set MAXINCIDENCE=120.0. Setting this parameter to 120.0 restricts the incidence angle to create more data relevant polygons at the terminator while sacrificing some (non-photometric) data.

Type double
Default 180.0
Close Window



If the user sets this to true then the spiceinit program will be run on the input file. Spiceinit will use the system SPICE kernels, so any updates to SPICE information will be lost. Spiceinit is in this program to facilitate UPC processing.

Type boolean
Default FALSE
Close Window

Camera Test: VCAMERA


If the user sets this parameter to true, a test will determine if a valid camera can be created at the center of the image band. If a valid camera cannot be created the program will end. The default is to output any available information without testing the camera.

Type boolean
Default FALSE
Close Window