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Import PDS formatted HiRISE RDR image cube into Isis format cube

Overview Parameters


This program will import a PDS formatted HiRISE RDR image into an Isis cube. The normal generic application is pds2isis, however HiRISE images require special consideration. These considerations are based upon requirements placed on the process of converting original HiRISE ISIS products into PDS archive format and back again. The HiRISE team requires a certain level of preservation so that science analysis on the PDS archived product, particularly in the ISIS system, is not compromised.

One consequence of the PDS storage requirements is the conversion of ISIS data to unsigned 16-bit integers. This data storage type is not support inherently in the ISIS system, but this application converts it to the best data representation possible - 32-bit floating point values. Comparisons of the conversion process falls within acceptable precision loss (approximately 1.0E-6).

Much of what this program does is ensure labels are properly copied and translated from PDS archival form that is consistant and highly comparable to the original ISIS product. The strictest requirement is label integrity which applies mainly to geometric datum contained in the ISIS labels. The goal is to ensure geometric behavior is within acceptable limits of the original product.



Janet Barrett2007-08-17 Original version
Kris Becker2007-12-05 The following modifications where made to more closely adhere to the orginal ISIS himos source: map the PDS Archive group back to the ISIS Mosaic group; PDS NULL values of -9998 are mapped back to ISIS Null; order of the groups are written in the same order as the ISIS input file; Target radius values are updated for the Equirectangular projection only such that the existing (EquatorialRadius) radius value is copied to the CenterLatitudeRadius keyword and the actual NAIF radii replace EquatorialRadius and PolarRadius values if it is a valid NAIF target; the order of the values in keywords cpmmTdiFlag, cpmmSummingFlag and SpecialProcessingFlag are reordered according to CPMM order as it is in the original source; and added a bit more documentation.
Steven Lambright2008-05-13 Removed references to CubeInfo
Jeannie Backer2016-05-10 Replaced calls to NAIF routines (bodn2c and bodvar) with call to static method Isis::Target::radiiGroup. References #3934

Parameter Groups


Name Description
FROM Input PDS formatted HiRISE RDR file
TO Output Isis cube

Files: FROM


Use this parameter to select the HiRISE RDR filename. This file must contain the PDS labels. This file must have been generated by the ISIS hirdrgen application. These files are assumed to be projected products.

Type filename
File Mode input
Filter *.img *.IMG
Close Window

Files: TO


Use this parameter to select the ISIS output filename. This file will compare very closely with the original input file to the ISIS hirdrgen application.

Type cube
File Mode output
Filter *.cub
Close Window