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Convert map projected image to a raw camera image

Overview Parameters Example 1


This program will geometrically transform a map projected image (ISIS level2 cube or mosaic) into an ISIS level1 cube using a level1 cube as input to match. This allows for example a Viking base map to be converted to a MOC raw geometry image.

The main purpose of this program is to facilitate control point selection between a level1 cube and a base map. The MATCH image and the resulting TO file can be opened in the program qnet along with other level1 cubes for building a control network with ties to ground.


Related Applications to Previous Versions of ISIS

This program replaces the following applications existing in previous versions of ISIS:
  • lev2tolev1
  • base2l1
  • base


Kay Edwards1987-09-02 Original version
Jeff Anderson2003-06-06 Converted to Isis 3.0
Jacob Danton2005-12-05 Fixed a bug in BandChange, added appTest
Elizabeth Miller2006-03-23 Fixed appTest to reflect changes made to all camera models
Steven Lambright2006-06-22 Fixed typo in user documentation
Steven Lambright2008-05-13 Removed references to CubeInfo
Lynn Weller and Debbie A. Cook2012-01-17 Updated documentation text, added glossary links, and improved compatability with Isis documentation.
Travis Addair2012-04-23 SPICE tables are now propagated from the MATCH cube to the output.
Debbie A. Cook2012-12-06 Changed to use TProjection instead of Projection. References #775
Steven Lambright2013-02-12 Fixed an issue that caused this program to trim output images erroneously. This problem, and the recommended solution, was provided by Jeff Anderson. Fixes #984.

Parameter Groups


Name Description
FROM Input map projected cube to geometrically transform
MATCH Raw instrument cube to match
TO Output raw instrument cube


Name Description
INTERPType of interpolation

Files: FROM


The specification of the input cube to be projected. The cube must contain a valid Mapping group in the labels.

Type cube
File Mode input
Filter *.cub
Close Window

Files: MATCH


This cube defines the raw instrument geometry to be matched. The output file will have the same labels (Kernels and Instrument group). Note the Band group will represent data from the raw camera and the content of the cube may not match. For example, using the MOLA base as the FROM file and a MOC Wide Angle Red cube as the MATCH, will have labels which indicate geometry for the MOC WA red camera but the pixels will contain MOLA elevations.

Type cube
File Mode input
Filter *.cub
Close Window

Files: TO


This cube will contain data whose geometric properties are identical to those of the MATCH cube.

Type cube
File Mode output
Filter *.cub
Close Window

Options: INTERP


This is the type of interpolation to be performed on the input.

Type string
Option List:
Option Brief Description
NEARESTNEIGHBORNearest Neighbor Each output pixel will be set to the pixel nearest the calculated input pixel.
BILINEARBi-Linear interpolation Each output pixel will be set to the value calculated by a bi-linear interpolation of the calculated input pixel.
CUBICCONVOLUTIONCubic Convolution interpolation Each output pixel will be set to the value calculated by a cubic convolution interpolation of the calculated input pixel.
Close Window

Example 1

Typical usage


In this example, the map2cam application is used to map a base map into the same geometry as the matching Messenger level 1 image. The output file can then be used to select control points. Sometimes matching features can be found easier when features when a comparing level 1 image to another level 1 image.

Command Line

map2cam from=M10_Equi_1000meters_Clon180.cub match=EN0108821402M.cal.cub to=M10_match_EN0108821402M.cub interp=CUBICCONVOLUTION
This is what to type to run this example in command line mode.

GUI Screenshot

Example GUI

Screen shot of GUI with parameters filled in to create a level 1 version of a base map for selecting control in a Messenger image.

Input Images

Basemap image from Mariner 10

Input level 2 image (map)

Parameter Name: FROM

This is the image that will be mapped into a level 1 image using the geometry of the MATCH image.

Messenger image to match

Image to match

Parameter Name: MATCH

The geometry of this image will be used to create the level 1 version of the FROM image, which will be output as the TO image.

Output Image

Mariner 10 basemap mapped into Messenger level 1 space

Output image

Parameter Name: TO

The level 1 version of the FROM image