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Create and edit control networks

Overview Parameters


This program will create and edit control networks. Before running qnet, you will need to create a text file containing a list of all cubes in the control network, 1 cube per line. These cubes must be un-projected, level1 cubes. Optionally, you can also input an existing control network or when prompted for the control network, select the "Cancel" button, and a new control network will be created.

In addition to selecting control points between level 1 un-projected images, qnet may also be used to select ground control points, both Fixed and Constrained points. To select ground control points, you must select a ground source image. This could be a Dem or shaded relief version of a Dem, a projected basemap or a level 1 image with updated camera pointing. Optionally, a radius source file, Dem may also be entered which would provide radii for the ground control point. These files are entered from the File Menu on the main Qnet window. The ground source image is immediately displayed in the main Qnet window and new ground control points may be created by right-clicking on the ground source cube display.

This program is an ISIS GUI application. To run it, type its name in a terminal, with no arguments. This will start a blank session, having the main Qnet window and the control network navigator window. There are 3 core windows used in this application.

Qnet window

The main qnet window is similar to the qview application. You will see many of the same tools, such as "Band Selection", "Zoom", "Pan", "Stretch" and "Find" along the right border. The "Tie" tool is the last button along the right toolbar. It will be the default tool selected when "qnet" is launched.

In this window, select the "Open network" button or the open action (from File menu), and open the file containing the list of cubes in the network. You will then be prompted for the control network file. If you are editing an existing one, choose that file. If you are creating a new control network, choose the "Cancel" button.

Cubes may be displayed in the main qnet window throught two methods.

  1. Select a Point Id from those listed in the Control Network Navigator window, then single-click "View Cube(s)".
  2. In the Control Network Navigator window, change the combo-box selection from Points to Cubes, then double-click a cube filename, or single-click the cube filename, then single-click the "View Cube(s)" button.

Control Points will be drawn on the displayed cubes with the following colors:

  • green "+" control point
  • magenta "+" ground point
  • yellow "+" ignore point
  • red "+" point currently being edited (i.e. in Qnet Tool window)

When the "Tie" tool is activated, the mouse buttons have the following function in the cube viewports of the main qnet window:
  • Left Button: Modify the closest control point
  • Middle Button: Delete the closest control point
  • Right Button: Create new control point

Control Network Navigator window

The Control Network Navigator displays a list of cubes or points in the control network. The user may choose to open cube(s) in the qnet window, edit a control point or filter the point or cube lists on different attributes. By default, double-clicking on a Point Id in the point list will display that control point in the Qnet Tool window. Double-clicking on a filename in the Cube list will display the chosen cube in the qnet main window.

Points This is the default list for the Control Network Navigator. When this is selected, the user may click any of the following buttons:

  • "View Cube(s)" to open all cubes containing the selected point(s)
  • "Modify Point" (or double click list item) to edit the point using the Qnet Tool
  • "Ignore Point(s)" to set selected points to "Ignore"
  • "Delete Point(s)" to remove selected points from the control network
  • "Filter" to list all points from the currently displayed list that meet the new filtering criteria selected. **Note** If the currently displayed list is already filtered, the new list will only display points that meet the criteria of all filters previously chosen until the user resets the list.
  • "Show All" to reset the displayed list to all points in the network

There are 9 filters for the points list which display the following:

  • Jigsaw Errors: points with bundle adjustment errors within the user specified range
  • Registration Errors: points with sub-pixel registration errors within the user specified range
  • Point ID: points whose Point Id contains the user specified string
  • Number of Measures: points that are contained in (at least or no more than) the user specified number of images. The control point will contain at least the given number of control measures.
  • Point Properties: points that have the user specified property. There are 3 options and any combination may be chosen.
    • Filter by Point Type(s)
    • Filter by Ignore Status Note: If all of the measures in a point are ignored, then this point will be returned in the ignored point filter.
    • Filter by Edit Lock Status
  • Range: points that lie within the user specified latitudinal and longitudinal ranges
  • Distance: points that are within the user specified distance of some other point in the control network
  • Measure Properties: points that contain at least one control measure that matches the selected criteria
    • Filter by Measure Type(s)
    • Filter by Ignore Status
    • Filter by Edit Lock Status
  • Goodness of Fit: points that contain at least one measure whose Goodness of Fit is within the user specified range
  • Cube Name(s): points that contain at a measure whose serial number matches that of the user chosen cube filename

Cubes When this is selected, the user may click any of the following buttons:

  • "View Cube(s)" to open all selected cubes
  • "Filter" to list all cubes from the currently displayed list that meet the new filtering criteria selected.
    **Note** If the currently displayed list is already filtered, the new list will only display cubes that meet the criteria of all filters previously chosen until the user resets the list.
  • "Show All" to reset the list to all images in the network

There are 3 filters for the cubes list which display the following:

  • Cube Name: cubes whose file name contains the user specified string
  • Number of Points: cubes containing (at least or no more than) the user specified number of points
  • Distance: cubes that contain at least one pair of points that are within the user specified distance from each other

Qnet Tool window

This is the point editor window of qnet for modifying or creating a control point. This window will display information about the control point and two control measures are displayed. Initially the measures displayed will be the "Reference" cube on the left and the next cube in the control point on the right. The measures displayed in the left and right side can be chosen from the combo-boxes under the labels "Left Measure" and "Right Measure". Only the control measure in the right view can be moved, so if you want to move the reference measure, you must display it in the right view. You can select the previous or next right measure with the shortcuts PageUp and PageDown, respectively.

Changing Measure Locations

The measure location can be adjusted by:

  • Move the cursor location under the crosshair by clicking the left mouse button
  • Move 1 pixel at a time by using arrow keys on the keyboard
  • Move 1 pixel at a time by using arrow buttons above the right view

Other Point Editor Functions

Along the right border of the window:

  • Geom: Geometrically match the right view to the left view
  • Rotate: Rotate the right view using either the dial or entering degrees
  • Show control points: Draw crosshairs at all control point locations visible within the view
  • Show crosshair: Show a red crosshair across the entire view
  • Circle: Draw circle which may help center measure on a crater

Below the left view:

  • Blink controls: Blink the left and right view in the left view window using the "Blink Start" button (with play icon) and "Blink Stop" button (with stop icon). Both arrow keys above the right view and the keyboard arrow keys may be used to move the right view while blinking.
  • Find: Center the right view so that the same latitude / longitude is under the crosshair as the left view. Shortcut: F

Below the right view:

  • Register: Sub-pixel register the the right view to the left view. Shortcut: R
  • Undo Registration: Undo the sub-pixel registration. Shortcut: U
  • Save Measure: Save the control measure under the right view to the edit control point. Shortcut: M

Along the bottom:

  • Add Measure(s) to Point: Add control measure(s) to the current control point. A dialog will show all cubes in the network with those that fall at this control point's latitude and longitude highlighted. All cubes chosen will be added as control measures to this control point. Shortcut: A
  • Save Point: Save the edit control point to the control network. Shortcut: P

Measure Table window

This window will show all control measure data for the current edit control point. The table can be sorted by clicking on any of the headers.



Jeff Anderson, Elizabeth Miller, Stuart Sides, Tracie Sucharski2006-11-01 Original version
Steven Lambright2007-07-23 Added to Control Networks category
Tracie Sucharski2008-10-06 Refactor of underlying classes
Jeannie Walldren2008-11-24 Changed the name of the "Tie Point Tool" window to "Qnet Tool". Added "Close" command to the drop down File menu on the "Qnet Tool" window's menu bar. Added Qt's wait cursor (i.e. clock or hourglass) to indicate that there is background activity when the "Filter" or "View Cube(s)" buttons have been clicked on the "Control Network Navigator" window. Added message box when the user creates a new point and tries to give it a Point ID that already exists in the Control network. Previously this resulted in a PROGRAMMER ERROR from ControlPoint. Now, the user will be alerted in a message box and prompted to enter a new value for the Point ID. Replaced references to PointEdit class with ControlPointEdit. Added "Goodness of Fit" to "Qnet Tool" right and left measure info.
Jeannie Walldren2008-11-26 Added "Goodness of Fit" filter to the tabs for the "Points" section of the "Control Network Navigator" window. This filter returns all points that have at least one measure that falls inside the user specified range. Added "Number of Measures" to "Qnet Tool" window below "Point ID". Modified code to pre-set the Point ID value in the "New Point Dialog" window to the last Point ID entered in the dialog box. This value is highlighted so the user may begin typing over the name without needing to backspace. Changed the "Qnet Tool" title bar to display the name of the ControlNet file open. Added message box when saving an "Ignore" point in the "Qnet Tool" to ask if user wants to set Ignore=false. Modified the "Distance" filter in the "Points" section of the "Control Network Navigator" window to improve efficiency and accuracy.
Tracie Sucharski2008-11-26 Removed plot tool and all polygon references-this funtionality will be in qmos.
Jeannie Walldren2008-12-03 Modified the "Distance" filter in the "Cubes" section of the "Control Network Navigator" window to improve efficiency and accuracy, and to allow the user to select a distance in meters or pixels.
Jeannie Walldren2008-12-08 Added connection from "x" in upper right corner to "Exit" command under the "File" menu of the main window.
Jeannie Walldren2008-12-10 Added functionality to "Qnet Tool" can set, view, edit and save changes for a template file. This is located in the "Options" menu under "Registration" as the "Set registration template" and "View/edit registration template" actions. Added "What's this?" descriptions to "Qnet Tool" window actions.
Tracie Sucharski2008-12-19 Added "Ignore Points" and "Delete Points" to the Control Navigator tool.
Jeannie Walldren2008-12-29 Added question boxes when the "Delete Points" or "Ignore Points" buttons are clicked in the Control Navigator to verify that the user wants to delete or ignore the selected points. Disabled "Ground Point" checkbox in Qnet Tool window and added dialog window for determining lat/lon/radius if user chooses to toggle the "Hold Point" checkbox to true.
Jeannie Walldren2008-12-30 Modified Qnet Tool "Save Point" button to set the left and right measures to Ignore=False if the user chooses to set the point's Ignore=False. Also, "Save Point" button will now update ChooserName and DateTime keywords for altered measures. Modified Control Network Navigator points list to set most recently edited point to the current item so that it may be easily deleted.
Jeannie Walldren2008-12-31 Added keyboard shortcuts to buttons in Control Network Navigator window. Added question box to Qnet Tool "Save Point" button to ask user whether the reference measure should be replaced with the measure in the left viewport.
Jeannie Walldren2009-01-08 Updated user documentation. Modified Control Network Navigator window to filter on existing filtered list until user selects the "Show All" button, which will bring up all points in the control net or images in the serial number list.
Jeannie Walldren2009-01-26 Added "Cube Name" filter to "Points" tab of Control Network Navigator window.
Eric Hyer2010-03-22 Discontinued forcing of gui style to windows
Eric Hyer2010-05-20 Connected FindTool's recordPoint signal to AdvancedTrackTool's record slot
Jeannie Walldren2010-06-14 Modified to uncheck "Held" in the QnetTool window if the "Cancel" button is clicked in the Hold Point Dialog. Added a filter of Measure Properties by Ignore Status to the Navigation Tool's Point Filters. Modified Navigation Tool's Point Type filter to treat points as ignored if all measures are ignored. Fixed bug that did not show proper colors of points unless the QnetTool was open. Updated documentation.
Jeannie Walldren2010-07-01 Modified to reopen the Navigation Tool whenever the Tie Tool on the tool pad is activated. Modified to draw points selected in the QnetTool last so they are always visible on top of the other points. Added some documentation.
Tracie Sucharski2010-11-09 Fixed a bug in the Navigator when using the double-click option on the Cube list.
Eric Hyer2010-11-19 Implement drawing control measures in the edit window displays.
Eric Hyer2010-11-22 Added functionality to stretch the control point editor displays.
Eric Hyer2010-12-03 In the new point and measure dialogs, put selected items at top of the list.
Eric Hyer2010-12-08 Organize the look of the control point editor and add icons. Display the sub-pixel registration template filename.
Eric Hyer2010-12-14 Added an editor for the sub-pixel registration template file.
Tracie Sucharski2010-12-17 Converted from the Pvl control network keywords to the binary version.
Tracie Sucharski2011-03-08 Implemented ground point selection.
Tracie Sucharski2011-04-04 Implement the SetApriori dialog. Use the reference measure's lat/lon when adding new measures. Print progress when reading control network and initialize the cameras on the images.
Tracie Sucharski2011-04-13 Allow the SetApriori dialog to stay open and fill values from the current edit point.
Tracie Sucharski2011-04-20 When saving measure, if the left measure equals the right measure, copy right into left.
Tracie Sucharski2011-04-28 In the Maximum residual filter, sort points by residual in descending order. Fix bug in SetApriori dialog with edit locked points.
Tracie Sucharski2011-05-05 Update values in point editor in response to input to the SetApriori dialog.
Tracie Sucharski2011-05-20 Fixed bugs in the measure type filter and reference measures.
Tracie Sucharski2011-06-08 Changed Control Point types Ground to Fixed and Tie to Free.
Tracie Sucharski2011-06-15 When changes are made to a measure or point, change the text color in the Save buttons to red.
Tracie Sucharski2011-06-27 Forgot to turn Save buttons to red after auto-registration or using the Find button.
Tracie Sucharski2011-06-28 Create a table showing the control measures with their corresponding data for the current edit control point.
Tracie Sucharski2011-07-05 Added control point type to editor as a combo box. Added error checking for edit locked points and refresh measure table.
Tracie Sucharski2011-07-07 Grey out the Open Ground and Open Dem in the File menu until the cube list and control network have been opened.
Tracie Sucharski2011-07-12 Added point registration error filter to the Navigator.
Tracie Sucharski2011-07-18 Allow ground file to be loaded on the left of the point editor.
Tracie Sucharski2011-07-25 Fixed a bug when deleting points from the Navigator. Add option to the SetApriori dialog for calculating the surface point.
Tracie Sucharski2011-07-27 Fixed bug reading the radius from the Dem.
Tracie Sucharski2011-08-03 Highlight thte reference measure in the file selection combo boxes. Implement bilinear interpolation when reading radius from the Dem.
Tracie Sucharski2011-08-08 Fixed bug when creating a new control network, forgot to set the Target which caused program to crash when creating a new ground point.
Tracie Sucharski2011-09-15 Speed up the blinking and drawing of control points on the cube viewports for large control networks. Add an option for displaying other points besides the current edit point in the editor displays. If a control point has sigmas, do not erase when the point has been re-located. Fixed the blinking problem with the measure table.
Tracie Sucharski2011-09-16 Fixed bug when adding measures to a point when a ground source file is opened. Draw fixed and constrained points on the ground source display. If creating a ground point and no images intersect the point, print an error. In the new point dialog display the intersecting images at the stop of the file selection list.
Tracie Sucharski2011-09-22 Fixed the problem with duplicate warnings when saving Ignored measures.
Tracie Sucharski2011-09-29 Updated documentation. Implemented the "What's This" functionality to the control point editor.
Tracie Sucharski2011-10-21 Fixed bug that caused qnet to crash when creating a new control network.
Tracie Sucharski2011-10-31 Changed the Save button on the qnet tool to save to current network, rather than a "Save As".
Tracie Sucharski2011-11-09 Fixed problem caused by an image in the list which did not have any measure associated with it.
Tracie Sucharski2011-12-05 Fixed bug with measure table not displaying all information when table has been sorted.
Tracie Sucharski2012-01-11 Add error checking for creating point with invalid latitude, longitude.
Tracie Sucharski2012-05-07 Fixed following bugs: error when attempting to geom when using a ground source as the reference measure, problem un-locking a measure even if the point is un-locked and when changing between geom and rotate options, chips were not resettting correctly.
Tracie Sucharski2012-05-08 Fixed bug that resulted in seg fault when deleting a point by middle clicking on a cubeviewport after creating a ground point.
Tracie Sucharski2012-06-12 Fix made on 2012-05-07 caused a bug which would not allow a new measure to be set as the reference measure.
Tracie Sucharski2012-07-30 Fixed bug which caused program to crash when left clicking on a cube when there are no control points.
Tracie Sucharski2012-09-28 Fixed bug that resulted in a qt assert error when loading or creating a new ground point if the ground source file had the Instrument group in the labels.
Tracie Sucharski2012-10-05 Improved error checking for opening a ground source file with the same serial number as a cube in the cube list. This is not allowed, so an error with suggested solution is printed.
Tracie Sucharski2013-05-16 Fixed bugs when attempting to delete a point in an empty network, deleting all measures in a point. Fixed repetitive warnings when the current edit point does not fall on the ground source. Fixes #1491, #1493, #1655.
Tracie Sucharski2013-12-06 Fixed following bugs: seg fault when selecting a new reference measure and moving the point, seg fault when moving edit locked points without un-locking. Also, improved error checking on ignored reference measures on constrained and fixed points. Fixes #1603, #1624.
Ian Humphrey2015-10-07 Updated icons. Fixes #1041.
Ian Humphrey2015-11-19 Added shortcuts to Qnet Tool window for selecting right measures, registration, saving measures, saving a point, adding a new measure, find, and saving the control network. Fixes #2324.
Makayla Shepherd2017-01-04 Fixed an issue that caused the Control Network Navigator to go behind the qnet main window when using Gnome or Cinnamon. Fixes #4541.