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Import PDS formatted Voyager EDR into Isis format cube

Overview Parameters Example 1


This program will take in raw image files from the Voyager spacecraft mission and import them into Isis formatted cubes. The input files are compressed Planetary Data System (PDS) formatted Voyager Experiment Data Record (EDR) files. The output cube will contain tranlated labels in pvl format with instrument, archive, bandbin, kernel, and nominal reseau information.

Some input images from the PDS archive may be missing a value for INSTRUMENT_NAME in their header. For these images, the name of the instrument can be specified as NAC (NARROW_ANGLE_CAMERA) or WAC (WIDE_ANGLE_CAMERA) using the optional INSTRUMENT parameter. Users are encouraged to find this information in the pds data volume index.tab file.


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Jeannie Walldren2009-03-11 Original version
Jeannie Walldren2009-03-23 Modified the Makefile in the app test to ignore particular lines when comparing labels. Removed the orginal extension from the name of the temporary decompressed file output by a call to vdcomp. Modified error message for accuracy.
Mackenzie Boyd2010-04-30 Modified StartTime in labels to remove Z from end. Modified naif frame code for all cameras to be -100 (-32001 -> -32101) from what they were previously to match updated ck and fk kernels. Added significant changes which affect the start time and image number for improved accuracy.
Steven Lambright2010-06-17 Updated to make input IMQ's PVL labels parsable by our PVL classes
Mackenzie Boyd2010-07-29 Added keywords Camera_State_1 and Camera_State_2.
Mackenzie Boyd2011-01-21 Added support for .img files.
Stuart Sides2012-05-05 Added Center and Width keywords to the BandBin group.
Kristin Berry2015-07-22 Added NaifStatus::CheckErrors() to see if any NAIF errors were signaled. References #2248
Adam Pacquette2017-06-23 Added support for inputting files as decompressed LBL/IMG pairs. Fixes #4345
Marjorie Hahn2017-08-09 Added label preparsing to modify corrupt labels. Fixes #4421.
Christopher Combs2018-01-19 Made changes to allow merge of two voy2isis tickets. References #4421, #4345.
Kristin Berry2019-11-06 Added the INSTRUMENT parameter to allow the specification of the InstrumentId when it cannot be determined from the labels. Fixed #3426

Parameter Groups


Name Description
FROM Input Voyager EDR image file
TO Output Isis cube
INSTRUMENTDefines the InstrumentId to use for the image. Only needs to be specified if missing from the input image.

Files: FROM


Use this parameter to select the Voyager PDS EDR file to be imported. These files are in compressed format and have the form cnnnnnnn.imq where "nnnnnnn" is the FDS count. When selecting input files that are decompressed, set this parameter to the LBL file that points to the corresponding IMG.

Type filename
File Mode input
Filter *.imq
Close Window

Files: TO


Use this parameter to select the output filename for the imported image.

Type cube
File Mode output
Filter *.cub
Close Window



This parameter is used to specify the InstrumentId for the image. If left at its default value, ISIS will determine the InstrumentId automatically using the INSTRUMENT_NAME value from the input image. This option was added because some images are missing the INSTRUMENT_NAME from their labels.

Type string
Option List:
Option Brief Description
AUTOMATICRead the InstrumentId from the input image. ISIS will attempt to read the InstrumentId from the input image.
NACSet the InstrumentId to NARROW_ANGLE_CAMERA. Set the InstrumentId to NARROW_ANGLE_CAMERA.
WAC Set the InstrumentId to WIDE_ANGLE_CAMERA. Set the InstrumentId to WIDE_ANGLE_CAMERA.
Close Window

Example 1

Using voy2isis


This example shows the use of voy2isis to ingest Voyager EDRs and output Isis cubes.

Command Line

voy2isis from=input/voyagerEdr.imq to=isisImage.cub
This example shows how to import with voy2isis. Both parameters must be used.

GUI Screenshot

voy2isis gui

Example GUI

Screenshot of the GUI

Data File

Links open in a new window.
Output cube label This is the label from the output cube showing the Instrument, BandBin, Kernels and Reseaus groups imported.

Output Image

Output cube in qview

Output after ingestion

Screenshot of the image in the Isis qview application after it has been ingested.