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Explore the Details of Contributing Code

This page contains references, policies, and highly specific guides for contributing code to ISIS. These are working resources to help you as you develop your code and go through the contribution process.


API Reference

Here you will find the documentation for the ISIS library API.

ISIS Library API reference Documentation for all of the classes, functions, and variables in the ISIS library.

XML Schemas

The interface for ISIS applications and much of the ISIS documentation (including this very page) are generated from XML files. These schemas are a helpful reference if you are creating a new application, modifying application arguments, or writing documentation.

ISIS Application XML Schema The schema that defines the ISIS application XML format. This includes the applications documentation and all of the application arguments.
ISIS Web Documentation XML Schema The schema that defines the XML documentation format used to generate this documentation. If you want to make a change to the ISIS website documentation, then you will need to reference this schema for your changes.


As open-source software, it is important to define how the community is expected to interact.

Coding Standards and Style Guide The coding standard and style guide for contributions to the ISIS code base.
Contributing Guidelines Guidelines for contributors and reviewers during the contribution process.

Maintainer Guides

These resources are useful for maintainers and outline the processes that support the broader community.

Release Process The guide that describes the steps required to create both release candidates and full releases.