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Getting Started As an ISIS User

Welcome! We are very glad you are joining the community!

On this page you will find resources to help you start using the ISIS software; how to install ISIS, running your first command, and a short tutorial to get you familiar with ISIS. This page will also direct you to locations where you can seek help from fellow community members.



The first step in using ISIS is installing it on your system. These documents describe how to install the latest version of ISIS and some legacy versions too.

ISIS Installation Guide Instructions for downloading and installing ISIS.
Legacy ISIS3 Installation Guide Instructions for downloading and installing legacy versions of ISIS3 from our rsync server.

Introductory Materials

These materials will give you an introduction to ISIS, a brief tutorial on running ISIS applications, and provide some context about the history of ISIS and its position within the planetary data ecosystem.

Introduction to ISIS A tutorial on what ISIS is and the different ways you can interact with ISIS applications.
Locating and Ingesting Image Data An overview of how to find, download, and ingest planetary data to use with ISIS.
ISIS History ISIS has been in development since the early 1970's, just after the Astrogeology Science Center (ASC) involvement with the Apollo mission. Learn more about the origin of this foundational software!


Join the community of ISIS users, find help, and share your successes!

Code of Conduct The code of conduct outlines what is expected of community members and ensures that our community is welcoming, helpful, and respectful.
Github Issues Here you can post bug reports or feature requests and find out about the status of bugs posted by other users.
AstroDiscuss A community board where we collect our online knowledge base, post release announcements, and provide user support. If you need help, want to get the latest news, or just want to learn more and interact with other ISIS users come say hello!