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Getting Started as a Contributor

As free and open-source software (FOSS), everyone is welcome to contribute to ISIS. Community members can contribute by reporting bugs, writing documentation, validating the software, working on features, answering questions, or anything that helps improve ISIS. You do not need to write code to contribute!

On this page you will find resources for a few of the ways you can get started as a contributor.


Engaging with the Community

The quickest way to contribute to ISIS is to engage to the community. There are many ways you can support the community without writing any code at all.

Code of Conduct Read what is expected of community members
AstroDiscuss Ask or answer questions on our community discussion board.
GitHub Issues Comment on bug reports or feature requests from other users or make your own.
Requests for Comment Provide feedback on major changes proposed for ISIS.
ISIS Technical Committee Get involved in project governance.

Documentation Guides

If you're not familiar with working on the ISIS documentation, these guides can help get you started.

Contributing ISIS Application Documentation A how-to guide for writing and modifying the ISIS application documentation.
ISIS Application Examples Guide A how-to guide for writing examples in ISIS application documentation.
General ISIS Documentation Guide A how-to guide for writing documentation for this website.

Building ISIS

If you want to contribute code to ISIS, the first step is getting the ISIS source code compiling on your system. These resources will take you through all the steps required to compile, test, and optionally install ISIS.

Downloading the Source Code How to pull the source code from GitHub.
Dependency Management How to download and install the dependencies required to build ISIS.
Building and Installing How to build ISIS once you have the source code and dependencies.
Running the Test Suite How to confirm your build of ISIS is correct by running the test suite.