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Explore Using ISIS in Detail

Now that you have some experience running applications and working with data, understanding the finer details about how ISIS works can make you a more efficient and powerful ISIS user. On this page you will find resources explaining individual components of ISIS.


General Purpose

These resources provide details about fundamental components of ISIS that are used across applications.

About ISIS Cubes

ISIS Cube Format
Understanding Bit Types
Core Base and Multipliers
Special Pixels
Label Dictionary
Logical Cube Format Guide

About ISIS Applications

Command Line Reference
Error Handling Facility
Error Dictionary
Preference Dictionary
Session Log Explanation

Task Specific Guides

These resources apply to specific applications or specialized processing methods. Over the years, ISIS has evolved in response to the needs of new datasets; so, there are a wide variety of processing paths and customizations that you can leverage when creating your workflow.

About Specific Applications

fx Guide
autoseed Guide
Pattern Matching Guide
autoreg Guide

About Specialized Methods

Photogrammetry in ISIS
Image Registration
Multi-Instrument Registration
Jigsaw Overview

Specialized Method References

Control Network Reference
Map Definition Reference


These documents describe various policies about what users can expect when using ISIS.

Release Schedule A description of ISIS's release cadence and expected dates of future releases.
Backward Compatibility Policy What users can expect to still work after updating to a new version of ISIS.
Deprecation Policy ISIS functionality deprecation procedure.
User Rights Licensing, copyright, distribution, and warranty information.
Disclaimers Standard legalese regarding usage, trademarks, and privacy.