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These papers, talks and demonstrations are examples that you can draw inspiration from and model your own workflows after.

If you have examples you would like to add to this page, submit a pull request on GitHub!



A New Approach to Create Image Control Networks in ISIS A presentation given by Kris Becker concerning the motivation and work done to create the findfeatures application. The corresponding abstract can be found here.
Using the Community Sensor Model with Planetary Data A talk given by Jesse Mapel at an OpenPlanetary Lunch covering the Community Sensor Model API, the USGS ASC's implementation of it, supported cameras as of October 2021, and how to use them in ISIS.

Papers, Posters, and Abstracts

Production of New Clementine UVVIS Map Products Tied to the LRO Reference Frame In the production of the new product, the LROC team leveraged ISIS to ingest and calibrate the Clementine image as well as used the findfeatures application to automatically generate control points in their registration process.
Jigsaw: The ISIS3 Bundle Adjustment for Extraterrestrial Photogrammetry One of the original authors of the jigsaw application describes the sparse matrix method of the photogrammetric bundle implemented in the jigsaw application.
Photometric Control of Oblique Apollo 15 Metric Camera Images Assessing the capabilities of the ISIS software to photometrically and geodetically control oblique images from the Apollo Metric Camera (MC) data set.
Automated and Accurate: Making DTMs from LRO-NAC using the Ames Stereo Pipeline Outline of the ISIS and ASP commands used by the LROC team to generate automated Digital Terrain Models (DTMs).
Ultrahigh resolution topographic mapping of Mars with MRO HiRISE stereo images: Meter-scale slopes of candidate Phoenix landing sites An analysis of candidate landing sites for the Phoenix mission in which ISIS helped calibrate and rectify images from the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) instruments.